Othon’s ambitious “Pineal” launch show in London on June 19 was a feast of a concert featuring special guests such as Marc Almond, Martin Hall, Bird Radio and Ernesto Tomasini. You can visit the Pineal event page or Othon’s facebook profile to see pictures and find further info.

Accompanied by Othon on acoustic piano and Johnny Stage on mandolin, Hall performed the track “Emblematic” for a packed and most enthusiastic venue. One of many feedbacks described the Danish singer’s appearance as “a perfect touch of exquisite moodiness”, a cool contribution of Scandinavian star quality within the night’s abundance of rhythms and orchestral arrangements.

Hall London cab Pineal show 2014

“Othon’s show was immersive and mercurial.” (QX magazine)

“Operating in a glorious field of his own, Othon Mataragas makes shamanic cabaret for profane saints and sublime madmen.” (The Guardian)

“From the mournful violin and intense flute to the tribal drums and soaring falsetto of Tomasini, this was the musical equivalent of opening a fairy tale pop-up book and watching the characters jump out and dance around your head.” (Trebuchet Magazine)