The new album Efterladt featuring Janina Katz and Martin Hall has received a line of brilliant reviews. Leading Danish newspapers and magazines such as Politiken (the Danish equivalent to The Guardian), Gaffa (Denmark’s biggest music magazine), BT and Femina have all awarded the album with five out of six possible stars. Also Berlingske (Danish equivalent to The Times) praised the release with a double-spread feature and called the album “a miracle”.

The record is available via Target Group’s webshop.

The video excerpt – “Efterladt VI” – features British artist Othon on piano and is filmed by Staalfilm.

Efterladt – a Danish word that means both “abandoned” and “left behind” – is a posthumously released spoken word album featuring the Polish-Danish author Janina Katz’ last readings made shortly before her death. The album is produced by Martin Hall and was bereleased on January 15, 2015.