In relation to the retrospective Ingvar Cronhammar – Design exhibition at Herning Museum of Contemporary Art (opens September 9, 2017), Martin Hall has written and recorded a new piece of installation music for one of the exhibition’s rooms.

The museum writes the following about the upcoming event:

“The exhibition Ingvar Cronhammar – Design focuses on the field between design, architecture and art by showing a series of Cronhammar’s innovations of objects such as cutlery and lamps alongside a number of installations and architectural models. The exhibition will lead the visitor through a selection of Cronhammar’s most versatile designs and works, selected and curated in close collaboration between the artist and HEART’s chief inspector Michael Bank Christoffersen. ”

Martin Hall and Ingvar Cronhammar have worked together several times before – first in connection with the Elia sculpture in 2001, since then in conjunction with the ARoS exhibition Racing Cars in 2006 and most recently in relation to the great success H at the Cisterns in 2015. Concurrently with the upcoming exhibition preparations towards an overall release of the collected music Hall has written to Cronhammar over the years are on the go.

You can find more information about the Design exhibition at the HEART website.

One of the current designs at the upcoming exhibition is Cronhammar’s new cutlery and plate set, a design that the restaurant chain A Hereford Beefstouw has just launched. The cutlery has been named Hansha, which means “reflection” in Japanese. The knife looks like a mix of a scalpel and a saw while the fork assemble something in-between tweezers and a pair of Asian chopsticks.

Press photo reproduced with permission from Mingo Photo.