Warfare-singlen var den sidste pladeudgivelse, som Martin Hall indspillede under gruppenavnet Under For. Som titlen antyder, er sangen en ganske aggressiv bulletin, en tekst der forsøger at indramme sangerens skuffelse over midt-80’ernes stagnerede postpunkmiljø.

Warfare er forblevet en af Halls personlige favoritsange fra perioden. Det var samtidig hans dårligst sælgende single i 80’erne.

1. Warfare (4:36)
2. Course (5:00)


In this media of mental translation
In this handicap of alienation
I need more than your model of motion
Than aesthetics of broken hearts

Here we are again
Feeling just the same
In these separate hells
Every word’s been said
Every lie’s been fed
To define ourselves

While your balance is kept intellectual
You’re emotionally ineffectual
A hysteria so perfectly tragic
So unreachable near

I’ve just had enough of neurotic love
Of this culturecide
I don’t need your shit
It just makes me sick
Look into my eyes

‘Cause this is the face
This is the race


Free to force everything that you dare
Reinforce as you pass it along
The love that you give
Reflected through limits
Exceeding all further demands

In the mirrors
The frames
In the way that we are
I believe in our love
I believe in our right
As it spreads in my blood
As it runs through my veins
As it fills every gap in the structure I feel

And I need you so badly
I call out your name
In my whisper I hide every scream ever made
In the volume
The silence
The nights that we share
As the sweetest nothing

The background replaced
While feeding the surface
The course of our need slowly changing our lives
You take and you give
But still freezing each move
Forcing perspectives so gently

In this framework of time
In delay on delay
As we live through each bend
In return on return
In these portraits of feed-back
In tranquillized nerve
Only seen in a haze
But still viewed from within

And dissolving again
In these landscapes of you
In the cover of night
With the permanency of your hands
Of your skin cast like shadows on me
Tearing my soul apart

Flemming Nygaard: Cello
Martin Hall: Vokal, keyboards, violin
Nicolay Krogh: Bas
Per Hendrichsen: Guitar
Stine Hammarlund: Cello
Thomas Langballe: Trommer

Design: Martin Hall

Nummeret er inkluderet i boxsættet Catalogue fra 2007 såvel som på opsamlingsalbummet Catalyst from 2008.