JUNI 2006

På etårsdagen for Martin Halls koncert på Hindsgavl Slot den 18. juni 2005 udsendte Panoptikon i samarbejde med Danmarks Radio indspilningerne fra begivenheden – dvs. de ti numre der oprindeligt var blevet sendt som en live-transmission i sommeren 2005.

Hindsgavl Slot 180605 indeholder bl.a. Halls egen fortolkning af sangen ”Pantomime”, som han i 2003 skrev til Lise Westzynthius.

1. She’s Eternal (6:00)
2. Plaza Flesh (2:31)
3. Pantomime (2:29)
4. Another Heart Laid Bare (4:34)
5. Images in Water (8:03)
6. Doing the Continental (2:37)
7. Verschwendung (3:11)
8. To Be Continued (5:33)
9. Just a Feeling (4:46)
10. Beat of the Drum (4:54)


I never wanted her to see
The world inside me
The world was turning round and round
Like something running out of time

She whispered “listen to the wind” and her breath burned my skin
I didn’t understand but it made me feel so still
There’s a tale of the night, there’s an unspoken word
And the story that she told couldn’t be explained in words

‘Cause she
She’s eternal
With her the world dies
And she
She’s eternal
With her the world dies
Let it die

A stone that falls into the sea
It falls inside me
These winterlands, they never change
They’re covered in this quiet grey

Voices calling in the night from the corners of my mind
From the desolated worlds I was trying to leave behind
Never thought I’d be returning to the place it all began
To the tainted heart of longing, till she took me by the hand


Show me your true desires
Show me your plaza flesh
Pictures of people dying
Seem to have no effect no more

I don’t really give as much as a toss anymore
I just want to hide away, never beg anymore
I don’t really count the days or the hours anymore
‘Cause she’s gone, gone, gone, gone, gone
‘Cause she’s gone, gone, gone

Come now, inject the daylight
Come here, each little girl
At first, I just want to kiss you
But then I want it all
I want excess
Your plaza flesh


Feeling like Berlin 1929
So many feelings all caught up inside
Falling like cities seen through lovers’ eyes
Shaking with fever as they say goodbye

Each time you look
Somebody hides
All of the world
Up in the clouds

Feeling so stupid in this pantomime
All that I need is one pair of starry eyes


Another heart laid bare on the doorstep to my exile
Another pantomime to disbelieve
I see your bended head, always humble in the daylight
Playing the servant’s role to never see

Of all the images that you left for my keeping
The one I like the most is the world outside
I never thought I would but the distance seems so perfect
I can’t deny the fact that I’m pleasantly surprised

Another victim cries, pointing fingers at the heavens
Declaring me the crime of centuries
The traces on my skin, they keep shining in the nighttime
A fingerprint on every memory


The sound of the room
The sound of your breathing
See the night rain that falls
Hear it run down the walls
There’s a scent in the air
There’s a trace in the water
And you’re stretched like the sky
On these carnival nights
That you carry inside

And the image you see
Such a weight on your eyelids
It never dried on your eyes
Never silenced the cries
Like a needle you find
That injects light inside you
See the ribbons of rain
Draw the lines of a face

The thinnest of air
Was all that you needed
Now the glittering stars
Shine a light far too hard
On the tip of your tongue
There’s a word never spoken
Like a vanishing gaze
Choreographed games
That you try to rename

And the image you see
Such a weight on your eyelids
It never dried on your eyes
Never silenced the cries
Like a needle you find
That injects light inside you
See the ribbons of rain
Draw the lines of a face

The scenes of a night cut in marble
The sound of the rain’s getting harder
A hand mirror line turning flesh for a while
You’re so tired now


Now really
Close doesn’t count
Not at all
It’s just your vanity making its call
You’re such a promising light
At least for a while
When I’m bored

So many little Napoleons fail
They’re never getting the point of the game
They’re trying too hard to please
It’s such a relief
When they’re gone
The laughter in the rain
We’ll take a turn again
When I’ve regained my breath

I’ve seen a lot of dead people on drugs
Hanging around in cafés like they’re not
Inhaling nicotine candy
And quoting that Andy cliché

In a world full of sad girls with great looks
I’ll be your Martini Girl
I’ll be late for a thousand appointments
But still I’m your girl
I’m flirtatious
A three minute love affair
I’m so gracious
So spacious
I’m all you can bear

So have a bite of my sweet lover’s heart
I’m irresistible right from the start
I’ll tell you when to start chewing
And when to be queuing to see me leave


Verschwendung ist der Name des Spiels
Eine Tugend
Eine Ehrensache

Meine Seele ist ein Hotel
Meine Liebe eine Einrichtung
Meine Liebe
Meine Liebe

Ich bin ein Matador
Ein Toreador
Ein mutiger Kujon
Ein alter Hund
Eine Wiederkunft aus meiner Kindheit
Ein Schauspieler in einer unfreiwillingen Erinnerung

Keiner stellt die Frage
Keiner weckt mich zu Leben
Keiner stellt die Frage
Keiner weckt mich zu Leben
Zu Leben
Zu Leben


Here’s a drummer
All melodramatic
I wonder who invited him in
But I’m amused as always
By the glamorous stupidity
It’s the puff and the posh of the way that you are

Sugar coating any word
When it all begins to hurt
A little too Babylonian
Now you’re breaking into tears
Though you know I can’t be near
Such an effortless act

It’s shining through your skin
A skin so paper thin
A living memory
It’s just a breath away
All drawn in pale and grey
So tense and self-aware
I can’t breathe in the absence of beauty

Come sustain my arrogance
With a sigh that never ends
A little falling from the sky
Ain’t gonna make the day worthwhile
Not exactly unpredictable

I love the feeling
The nervous shivering
A skin show of dreams
Olympian ideals undefeated


Silver lining inside me
You’re adapting my every word
Such an eloquent silence
Feeling hurt?
Still you’re moving so lightly
Like you’re hanging within the air
Seems it’s your way of saying
Couldn’t care

It’s just a feeling
Another feeling on the sky
It’s just a feeling
Another feeling coming down
The silver lining
You’ll see it run into the air
For just a moment
Another line that disappears

Guess it’s all second chances
Getting used to the sights and sounds
With the greatest indifference
Running down
All aesthetic behaviour
Still I’m watching your every move
Give and take of the daylight
For the view


Now one day I woke up to some rules of life
That a serious heart needs a light mind to survive
That if you only hope you won’t get very far
‘Cause dreams call for action

No matter what you want the way is to begin
‘Cause knowing all about it is not the living thing
And those who sit and ask for great things all the time
Well I hope they’ve sorted out the many small things on the line

A focus inside out
The still of the centre
You must live by demand
But also surrender

As the beat of the drum beats the ghosts on the run
So the beat of my heart keeps me wondering
Now it’s been said this world is a stage
Well then if that is true
It’s an unwritten play
That makes being a becoming

It’s so easy seen when it’s someone else
But are you any better when you’re by yourself
‘Cause in this hall of mirrors you’re in a counterpoint
Where it takes one to recognize one

Now there are those who say that life is hard and then you die
Well petty leads to pity if you do not wonder why
‘Cause the way to solve a problem is to get a bigger one
So to those who cry for freedom
Well there’s working to be done

“Gennemført slotskoncert med en af dansk musiks absolutte enere.”
( * * * * * )
Gaffa – Ole Rosenstand Svidt (19. juni 2005)

”En musikalsk spændvidde fra uspoleret skønhed over dekadence til uudtømmelig fortvivlelse.”
Politiken – Dorte Hygum (20. juni 2005)

”Fin slotsaftapning fra Martin Hall: Dette blev en dag, man ikke glemmer foreløbig.”
Jyllands-Posten – Anders Houmøller Thomsen (20. juni 2005)

“Live-album fanger magien fra veloplagt slotskoncert: Multikunstneren Martin Hall er kendt for sin hang til det spektakulære. Sådan var det også, da han 18. juni 2005 gav sin første koncert i seks år på det smukt beliggende Hindsgavl Slot ved Middelfart. Koncerten er nu – på årsdagen – udgivet på cd. Og den er et kærkomment minde om, hvor veloplagt Hall var hin lune sommeraften … Hindsgavl Slot 180605 er faktisk en af Halls bedste album i mange år.”
( * * * * * )
Gaffa (18. juni 2006)

Birgit Løkke: Trommer, percussion
Gry Vester-Andersen: Cello
Ida Bach Jensen: Kontrabas
Johnny Stage: Guitar, kor, farfisa, sitar
Mads Strandgaard: Flygel
Martin Hall: Vokal
Thomas Li: Treatments

Design: Kenneth Schultz
Photo: Erik Hansen-Hansen

Pladen byder også på et af de største hits fra Halls bagkatalog, koncertens overraskende ekstranummer ”Beat of the Drum”, et nummer som Hall ellers havde svoret, at han aldrig ville spille mere, efter at det havde været det mest spillede danske nummer på radiostationen The Voice i 1988.

Cd’en blev udsendt i et begrænset, nummereret oplag på 681 eksemplarer (18.6 læst bagfra) og blev af samme grund hurtigt et samlerobjekt.

Indspillet live på Hindsgavl Slot den 18. juni 2005 og mixet ugen efter i DR af Anders Dohn og Johnny Stage (assisteret af Jacob Langkilde).