1ST – 18TH

APRIL 1980

1st – 18th is a cassette release recorded on a two-track Grundig reel-to-reel tape recorder during Martin Hall’s high school days. Drums were recorded during Ballet Mécanique rehearsals. Per Hendrichsen provided the synthesizers for “Toys”.

The opening tracks on each side of the tape – “Evocative Inelegance” and “”Feet on Glass”– consists entirely of sounds from the environment, machine noises made from sources such as hair dryers and refrigerators.

The tape was released in 40 copies that could be purchased in two shops at Copenhagen, Gry and Haase. It was Hall’s first release.

1. Evocative Inelegance (2:10)
2. Emotional Censorship (2.27)
3. Locale (0:52)
4. Suite for Oboe And Piano (0:22)
5. In Anger (1:56)
6. Ablaut (0:59)
7. Die Goldene Stadt (1:05)
8. Toys (1:17)
9. Concept (2:43)
10. The Dance (1:08)
11. Feet on Glass (1:57)
12. Curtain (1:53)
13. Rosary (0:58)
14. Bilateral Room (1:50)
15. Lyceum (1:29)
16. Displacement (2:08)
17. Re-Envision (2:07)
18. A Glass of Wine (1:53)

Martin Hall: Vocals, instruments
Per Hendrichsen: Synthesizer

Design: Martin Hall

Given the opportunity to make two-track recordings on a borrowed Grundig recorder, Martin Hall plays most of the instruments on 1st – 18th, his first tape. However, being engaged with both Ballet Mécanique and his electronic duo Dialogue at the same time, his colleague Per Hendrichsen from the latter plays the second synthesizer on the track “Toys”.