Traxtra (1982)



The Xtra album consists of ten audio compositions recorded in various parts of Europe. All material was exchanged via mail collaboration and audio tape correspondence. The artists known as “units” never met each other. On the cover you can see the diagram of the relations between the units.

Martin Hall contributed to the track “Fanfare for the Meat Generation”.

1. Gamma Thetan (4:32)2. Strange Quack Quack (4:47)3. Di Lui Non si sa Più Nulla (3:15)4. Nastro Rosso (5:42)5. Fishes (4:03)6. Combination (4:51)7. Ancora Icone (3:19)8. Fanfare for the Meat Generation (3:12)9. Live Blister Bump (3:44)10. I Love Cancer (3:23)

Bass – Alberto Mineo (A2, A3, A4), Fabio Beltrame (A2, A3, A4), Silence (4) (A2, B1, B5) and W.Gibson (A2, B1, B5)
Computer – Enrico Piva (A4, B1, B5)
Drums – Gian (A1, B1, B3, B5), Momi (A1, B1, B3, B5) and Radar (A2, B1, B5)
Electronic percussion and rhythm box – Aldo Scaini (A2, B1, B5), Angelo Pretolani (A5, B2)
Guitar – Alberto Mineo (A2, A3, A4), Giancarlo Martina (A1, B1, B3, B5), Vittore Baroni (A1, B4) and W. Gibson (A2, B1, B5)
Keyboards – Ale (A2, B1, B5), Enrico Friso (A2, A3, A4), Enrico Piva (A4, B1, B5) and Spyke (A1, B1, B3, B5)
Casiotone – Massimo Giacon (A2, A3, A4), Roberto Rossini (A5, B2)
Lyrics – Angelo Pretolani (A5, B2), Massimo Giacon (A2, A3, A4) and Vittore Baroni (A1, B4)
Maracas – Blue Panther (A2, B1, B5)
Mix – Unit 01
Noise – Martin Hall (B3) and Massimo Giacon (A2, A3, A4)
Geometer – Frankie Gasperoni (A2, B1, B5)
Saxophone – Fabio Beltrame (A2, A3, A4)
Sequencer – Marco Canepa (A5, B2) and Plexy (A2, B1, B5)
Synthaxe – Alberto Mineo (A2, A3, A4)
Synthesizer – Aldo Scaini (A2, B1, B5), Caroline K (A3, B4), Daniele Ciullini (A1, A5, B2), Marco Canepa (A5, B2), Roberto Rossini (A5, B2)
Tapes – Enrico Piva A4, B1, B5), Martin Hall (B3) and Nigel Ayers (A3, B4)
Violin – Nigel Ayers (A3, B4)
Voice – Angelo Pretolani A5, B2), Bruce (A1, B1, B3, B5), Caroline K (A3, B4), Massimo Giacon (A2, A3, A4), Nigel Ayers (A3, B4), Roberto Rossini (A5, B2) and Vittore Baroni (A1, B4)

Design: Trax

The contents of the Xtra concept album was organized and mixed by Piermario Ciani. The album was released in an original edition of 1000 copies.

The Trax label (1981–1987) was founded by Piermario Ciani, Vittore Baroni and Massimo Giacon from Spirocheta Pergoli. It was an open, networking project that connected over 500 artists and musicians from different countries, producing records, audio magazines, xerographies, comics, T-shirts and exhibitions.

Xtra was re-released in 2011.