Free-Force Structure is a 12″ single released by Under For. It was Martin Hall’s first record entirely based on drum machines and keyboards. The single presented a lighter sound than his earlier material and the track has become a classic dance track in various European goth clubs. The song has also been included on several international compilation albums.

At the time of its release Free-Force Structure received positive coverage in New Musical Express.

1. Free-Force Structure (6:41)2. An Ending (7:02)


Forever hidden in the profile
The either-or behind the both-and
Transcend and ascend in the moment that frees
All loving fucked up in tension

Without shadow and without motion
A word like heart
A word like fire
I believe with my body
Believe with my soul
Believe in the eyes before me

Approach and regain
Life repressed to myth
Changing once again
Words sealed with a kiss
Cancel all the pain in these fantasies of realities
Let the fragments shine
Feel me deep within
Let the nearness bind
Feel me skin to skin
Let your flesh and mind fuse to the same thing
Rising from decline

Get up
Reach out
Break through

Re-set reality
Programme your love

All must pass but presence remains
The basic concepts, the further lies
Of the rituals built on your ism of truth
In this chain reaction set-out

We’re born alone but still I need you
So please don’t hide in self-hate and compromises
Between a desire to be free
And passion made of confinement

Martin Hall: Vocals, keyboards, guitar, programming
Per Hendrichsen: Treatments

Recorded and mixed at Custom Sound, summer 1984. Engineered by Peter Grønbæk.

Design: Martin Hall

The B-side, “An Ending”, represents the absolute opposite to the danceable title track. This recording was made during Under For’s infamous concert performance at The ISCM World Music Days at Aarhus Musikhus in October 1983 and is a piece of sheer sound terror. The full concert has later been made available as bonus material on the 2009 rerelease of Under For’s Apparently All the Same album from 1984.