SS-Say made their live debut at the William S. Burroughs visit “Last Chance” in Copenhagen, Denmark, in October 1983. At this event the band featured vocalist Lena Walsh who was replaced by the new singer Inge Shannon during the spring of 1984.

The Fusion 12″ single was originally planned to be a full album but in the end two recordings were left out – one untitled track and the later Martin Hall recording “Deep Inside Me” featured on his 1986 album Cutting Through.

1. Transaction (7:45)2. Care (4:48)3. Fanfare (4:19)


You say you’ve tried
Well try harder
Change it
Re-arrange it
The turning point’s getting closer

I’m gonna take it where it comes from
I’m gonna give it to whom it belongs

Without delay
Take a chance now
Take it
Reinforce it
So make a move, make it happen

I’m gonna take it where it comes from
I’m gonna give it to whom it belongs

You say you’re sorry
Well you’d better learn to forgive yourself
‘Cause there’s no one here who can do it for you

In this twentieth century
Emotional sell-out
Be what you wanna be
Get out
Shout it out loud
You talk about a truth
Well it’s all an illusion
So what you have to do is to make your own fusion

Do what you wanna do
Be what you wanna be
Take what you wanna have
Just remember to give

I’m gonna take it

Moving slowly
Master planning of the means
Make it happen
Fight the limits you obey
Burning fire
Feel it as a part of you
Make it happen
Fight the limits you obey

You say it’s like all words are used up
Well I’m not
I’m standing right here

Look into my eyes
Take me by the hand
I will never let you down again
All together and no excuses
Turning every weakness to strength


Moments of love
Distant from darkness
Overturning the balance with the power of doubt
Caring for the first time
See you for the first time
Feel you for the first time
Need you for the first time

Don’t you recognize yourself in the mirror?
Far too involved to cancel the care

The nameless games and the real thing
The final solution and emotional stunts
Viewing for the first time
Value for the second
I have seen you through the years worn by different faces


Come on
Come on
Come on
Let it shine on you

Knowing what I feel
Knowing I’m able to give
Knowing what I need
Willing to risk all my love

Henrik Möll: Bass
Inge Shannon: Vocals
Martin Hall: Vocals, drums, keyboards, piano, guitar, tapes, percussion

Design: Martin Hall

Inge Shannon and Martin Hall had previously worked together in the cult project Pesteg Dred back in 1981. Alongside third member Per Hendrichsen the group recorded Years of Struggle against the Lies, the Stupidity and the Cowardice, an album that wasn’t released at the time due to financial hardship. In 1985, however, the title was released as a bonus music cassette in 1985 with Danish art magazine Atlas #1. Furthermore a limited vinyl edition of the album was released in the United States in 2010, receiving great international acclaim.

During the years SS-Say’s reputation has grown far beyond its native origins. Particularly the track “Care” has become an underground club classic in both Europe and in the United States – apparently because a French DJ kept playing it at the New York club The Batcave during the 90’s. In 2011 the song was featured as the opening track on the American Minimal Wave compilation lp and cd The Hidden Tapes.