Front and Fantasy was a short-term collaboration between Martin Hall and Martin Krogh resulting in the 12″-single “Treatment”. The title was released in the autumn of 1985. The duo only recorded this one song throughout their existence (the B-side is an instrumental remix of the song).

Martin Krogh committed suicide in April 1988. He was a founding member of the Danish glam-punk group Ads and later the industrial outfit Dualistic World Code.

1. Treatment (6:17)2. Re-Treat (4:39)


Treat me hard
Treat me with heart
Show me no mercy
Show me no sign of weakness

Retreat me right
Remain in light
Through every night and day
So cruelly
I know you’ll be my destiny
In all

Surrender completely
Fade into me
I need you this close
I want you to be
The purpose itself
To every extent
In method and need
Beginning and end

Treat me right
Treat me with right
Show me no mercy
Show me no sign of weakness

In cover of all of your love
I’ll make this dream come through
In every trace of every face
I feel a stream of you

So tender we treat each other with fear
The root of our need will constantly tear
Our fiction apart
Revealing the bone
Behind walls of love
We’re still all alone

Be my Judas
Be my destiny
I’ll forgive you in eternity

Be my Jesus
Be my sacrifice
I’ll betray you with a kiss of ice

Martin Hall: Vocals, guitar, strings
Martin Krogh: Keyboards

Design: Birgitte Wester
Photo: Robin Skjoldborg

“Treatment” is considered a club classic on the European underground scene. In 2009 Danish EBM pioneer Leæther Strip recorded a cover version of the title for his album Ængelmaker. On the 2010 dvd-release Live at St. Paul’s Martin Hall renders a quite heartbreaking acoustic version of the song.