BORGENS FORLAG (ISBN 87-418-8863-4)

Continuum (“Kontinuum”) is Martin Hall’s third book, a set of writings released five years after its predecessor, The Identity of Alienation.

The book consists of short notes, a line of reflections written in a continuum of a 24 day journey through Europe. The release, however, should not be mistaken for a travelogue. Continuum is a poetic examination of how the journey affects the traveler, not a picturesque description of sights and places.

Although the tone in the writings is considerably more calm than in Hall’s earlier releases, the imagery throughout the book remains shadowy and ambiguous.

Genre: Prose poetry
Pages: 38
Design: Martin Hall

“And the first words fell. A little about a lot, fragments and panoramas. A 24-day continuum in a Europe of these days.”

”Beautiful and frightening poems from Martin Hall … very, very authentic.”
Politiken (the Danish equivalent to The Guardian)

“A nerve-wracking mosaic that gathers in luminous moments reflecting the essential artistic relationship between language, the world and identity.”
Berlingske Tidende (the Danish equivalent to The Times)