DB-7″ EP
GALLERI SPECTA (ISBN 87-89138-22-8)

Untitled is a double 7” single released in relation to the painter and musician Peter Bonde’s exhibition Blinde Vinkler (“Blind Spots”) at Galleri Specta, a Danish gallery. The exhibition ran from the 7th until the 28th of October 1989.

For the recording of the single Peter Bonde gathered the musicians Martin Hall, Henrik Möll (SS-Say, Dualistic World Code), Thomas Ortved (Sort Sol) and Per Tuno Jacobsen a.k.a. Per Buhl Acs (No Knox, Cyklon-Anticyklon) to write and record it with.

1. Be Critic (2:38)
2. Blind Spot (3:20)
3. Vacuum (6:37)
4. Mask (0:12)
5. Self-Ignited (0:38)
6. Projection (0:39)
7. Manus (1:00)
8. Copy Everyone (0:45)
9. Corridor (1:48)
10. Protest (2:05)
11. Blind (3:04)

Peter Bonde: Bass, vocal
Martin Hall: Guitar, piano, keyboards, instruments
Henrik Möll: Tape material
Thomas Ortved: Drums
Per Tuno Jacobsen: Bass, instruments

Design: Peter Bonde
Photo: Simon Lautrop/Planet Photo