APRIL 1991

A Mind and Media Index is a Martin Hall music cassette released on mail order basis. It was only made available in 100 copies and remains very rare.

The contents feature contributions from Mind and Media artists such as Irma Victoria, And Then Again, Read Only Memory and Aud Wilken. Henrik Möll also appears as the voice of Rota.

The tracks “European Need” and “The Vortex” by Irma Victoria are both remixes of the original versions of the songs featured on her debut album The Rainbow Theatre from 1990.

Mind and Media was a company ran by Martin Hall and John L. Christensen in the period 1989–1994. Christensen designed the cassettes and handled the mail order service of the business. He is also rumoured to feature on synthesizer on some of the label’s releases though no one knows which.

1. Mind and Media Theme (Mind and Media) (0:43)
2. Stimulus (Martin Hall) (1:15)
3. European Need (Irma Victoria) (3:48)
4. European Need (And Then Again) (2:56)
5. Composure (Mind and Media) (0:41)
6. Reference 1 (Mind and Media) (1:50)
7. On the Line (Martin Hall) (2:53)
8. Luna Tick-Tock (Irma Victoria) (2:59)
9. Thing (Rota) (4:12)
10. Re-Verse (Martin Hall) (3:38)
11. Tear Down the Walls (Aud Wilken) (3:29)
12. The Vortex (Irma Victoria) (2:15)
13. Nocturne Reprise (Martin Hall) (3:02)
14. Configuration (Mind and Media) (4:42)
15. Reference 2 (Mind and Media) (1:51)
16. Loop (Read Only Memory) (9:08)

And Then Again: Band
Aud Wilken: Vocals
Henrik Möll: Vocals
Irma Victoria: Vocals
Martin Hall: Vocals, instruments

Design: John L. Christensen