Hip is a tribute cd made in honour of the Danish hippie band Steppeulvene, a band that back in 1967 released the original, now legendary album Hip.

The 1995 version of the record features a line of young Danish bands such as How Do I, Murmur, Rhonda Harris and Souvenirs as well as the 72-year-old performer Irma Victoria with whom Martin Hall had recently recorded the critically acclaimed album Phantasmagoria.

1. 0-0-0 (How Do I) (6:10)2. Til Nashet (Murmur) (5:20)3. Itsi-bitsi (Irma Victoria) (4:50)4. Til Nashet (Swoon) (4:49)5. Dunhammeraften (Peter Belli) (4:47)6. Du skal ud, hvor du ikke kan bunde (Rhonda Harris) (3:21)7. Flip (Double Muffled Dolphin) (5:50)8. 0-0-0 (Souvenirs) (3:18)9. Kvinde kom ud (The Arnø Family Combo) (5:17)10. Jensen (Death Tothe) (6:52)11. Lykkens pamfil (Soma Hammarlund) (10:37)

How Do I: 0-0-0
Murmur: Til Nashet
Irma Victoria: “Itsi-bitsi”
Swoon: “Til Nashet”
Peter Belli: “Dunhammeraften”
Rhonda Harris: “Du skal ud, hvor du ikke kan bunde”
Double Muffled “Dolphin: Flip”
Souvenirs: “0-0-0”
The Arnø Family Combo: “Kvinde kom ud”
Death Tothe: “Jensen”
Soma Allpass Hammarlund: “Lykkens pamfil”

Design: Jens Kruse
Photo: Per Morten Abrahamsen

The Hip tribute cd caused a fair amount of media controversy at the time of its release. Several of the older critics found the new recordings slightly irrelevant, if not outspokenly disrespectful, Irma Victoria’s version of Steppeulvene’s “Itsi-bitsi” in particular.

Although her contribution many places was highlighted as one of the most innovative versions of the original songs on the album, several of the senior reviewers addressed Irma Victoria and Martin Hall’s rendering with great hostility – none more so than Weekendavisen, the Danish equivalent to The Observer, which condemned Hall for his provocative move and the song in general for being “hatefully distorted and foul-mouthed false”.