MARCH 1996

Extended Play features the second single from Martin Hall’s 1996 album Random Hold, the track “Another Heart Laid Bare”. The release also features several session recordings left out from the final track list of the album.

1. Another Heart Laid Bare (4:34)
2. Pleasurama (3:43)
3. Catching the Dust (5:46)
4. Layers in Between (4:05)
5. Another Heart in Transit (0:58)


Another heart laid bare on the doorstep to my exile
Another pantomime to disbelieve
I see your bended head, always humble in the daylight
Playing the servant’s role to never see

Of all the images that you left for my keeping
The one I like the most is the world outside
I never thought I would but the distance seems so perfect
I can’t deny the fact that I’m pleasantly surprised

Another victim cries, pointing fingers at the heavens
Declaring me the crime of centuries
The traces on my skin, they keep shining in the nighttime
A fingerprint on every memory


The sweetest words
They always fall from lovers’ lips
Make you believe everything that you’ve heard
The whole wide world
It seems like it’s hanging from the sky
Still you turn your blindest eye

See you robbing every mirror
For the images you see

I thought you knew my pleasurama
I thought you knew my everything
Nocturnal moods
The melodramas
Pulling all your cheap nostalgia
Out of anything you see

A frame of mind
Can turn the world all upside down
Make you believe everything that you’ve heard
Of all of my heart
I wish I could wish you all the best
But my tolerance’s too sore

Got a little something for you
It’s a good and better bye/buy


The eyes on the ceiling
The eyes on the walls
There’s always a riddle unsolved
A question to store

Candles burning in the night to remind you
That no matter where you’re hiding
It will find you
Get inside of you

All of this time
Watching the lines
Slowly run out into the blue
Catching the dust
Staying untouched
Hiding the world within your hand

All of this time
Just catching the dust
Hiding the world

The longest of stories
The thinnest of air
The something you always wanted
Untouchable near


At the end of your finger
Everything turns to gold
Take a piece of forever
Make it all that you know

Second nature getting clearer
Turning flesh and blood
Tearing pages out of nowhere
All the things you can’t get rid of

The layers in between
The keep away the feeling
The world is turning everything
Turning the blue skies golden

Keep away any shadow
With the palm of your hand
Turning air into distance
Turning days into chance

Second nature getting clearer
Turning flesh and blood
In between the lines
Running out of empty answers
It’s the solitude you feed on

The layers in between
The keep away the feeling
The world is turning everything
Turning the blue skies golden

So the feeling comes
And the feeling goes
Underneath the open sky
Tell the story once
Tell the story twice
But you can’t remember why

Henrik Marstal: Cello
Iben Teilmann: Viola
Martin Hall: Vocals, drums, bass, guitar, tape material
Ole Hansen: Keyboards, piano, trumpet, french horn
Sara Wallevik: Violin
Signe Kjærsgaard: Bass
Thomas Li: Networks, treatments, logic, percussion

Design: Birgitte Wester/Camilla Søfeldt
Photo: Robin Skjoldborg

The track “Pleasurama” entered The Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s P3 airplay chart (Danish National Radio) during the first week of March while the video made for “Another Heart Laid Bare” premiered at ZTV, a new Danish music televison programme at the time.

You can read more about the Random Hold album and the story behind it here: