MARCH 1996
BORGENS FORLAG (ISBN 87-21-00406-4)

The World Days is Martin Hall’s debut novel. Where his earlier works were characterized by a more obscure and essay-like style of writing, this time the author charged head-on into a burlesque and almost slapstick’ish style and plot. The book is a tongue-in-cheek tale about religious rapture and love, a comedy drama driven by romantic pathos and poetic exuberance.

In general the book was well received by the press. On the cover of the book the following info was given:

The World Days is a wild and adventurous tale, an absurd farce about friendship and love. The story is enacted in a timeless Europe where myth and reality no longer seems to be separable, neither for the reader nor the involved parties. The title refers to the prophecy of a hundred days where the angels are said to descend from heaven.

The World Days is an epic tale from the great wide open.“

Genre: Novel
Pages: 171
Design: Martin Hall
Photo: Robin Skjoldborg

"The World Days was a myth we had heard about ever since our childhood. It was a period of one hundred days when the angels would descend from heaven and interfere with life on earth."