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The first single from Martin Hall’s Adapter album from 1999 was “Burning Sugar”, a title released as an ep featuring six different versions of the song.

“Burning Sugar” became the most played song on P3 of the National Danish Radio in the week of its release and the single peaked at #5 at the official Danish airplay chart, thereby becoming Hall’s biggest hit so far as a solo artist.

1. Single Edit (3:22)
2. Chopper’s High-As-A-Kite Mix (3:16)
3. BEQ Version (3:30)
4. The Element Remix (4:35)
5. 2:30 Mix (2:56)
6. Piano Version (Session Take) (4:14)


The memory lines that run down the sky
Running like streams of reason
The story is told in silver and gold
Words never tell the tale

I believe in all that I see
In all that I know
In all that I feel inside me
I know that dreams will come true
If they’re burning

Burning sugar
Burns inside me
Burning sugar
Burning so sweet

The things that I’ve seen
The places I’ve been
Secrets that stay unbroken
The look in your eyes
It’s high as a kite
Cooling my every need

Anna Gwozdz: Violin
Henrik Brendstrup: Cello
Henrik Marstal: Harmony vocals
Johannes Søe Hansen: Violin
Lotte Wallevik: Viola
Martin Hall: Vocals, drums, keyboards, bass, violin, guitar, samples
Ole Hansen: Piano, non-midi keyboards
Thomas Li: Sonic work

Design: Kenneth Schultz
Photo: Robin Skjoldborg

Adapter was Martin Hall’s first studio album since Random Hold from 1996, an eagerly anticipated release that was received as his perhaps most solid work so far by both the press and a larger audience. Once again Hall worked with co-producer Thomas Li.