MARCH 1999
DOWNBEAT/EMI-MEDLEY (724349007628)

“Just a Feeling” was the second single from Martin Hall’s Adapter album from 1999. The release featured an edit of the song as well as a new instrumental track, “Buffer”. Furthermore the cd contained a digital press kit for PC and Mac as well as a video made for “Burning Sugar”, the prior single of the album.

1. Just a Feeling (Single Edit) (3:52)2. Buffer (2:12)3. Just a Feeling (Album Version) (4:47)


Silver lining inside me
You’re adapting my every word
Such an eloquent silence
Feeling hurt?
Still you’re moving so lightly
Like you’re hanging within the air
Seems it’s your way of saying
Couldn’t care

It’s just a feeling
Another feeling on the sky
It’s just a feeling
Another feeling coming down
The silver lining
You’ll see it run into the air
For just a moment
Another line that disappears

Guess it’s all second chances
Getting used to the sights and sounds
With the greatest indifference
Running down
All aesthetic behaviour
Still I’m watching your every move
Give and take of the daylight
For the view

Anna Gwozdz: Violin
Henrik Brendstrup: Cello
Henrik Marstal: Harmony vocals
Johannes Søe Hansen: Violin
Lotte Wallevik: Viola
Martin Hall: Vocals, drums, keyboards, bass, violin, guitar, samples
Ole Hansen: Piano, non-midi keyboards
Thomas Li: Sonic work

Design: Kenneth Schultz
Photo: Robin Skjoldborg

Adapter was Martin Hall’s first studio album since Random Hold from 1996, an eagerly anticipated release that was received as his perhaps most solid work so far by both the press and a larger audience. Once again Hall worked with co-producer Thomas Li.