The book and the cd Wheelchair Wildstyle is a collaboration between Martin Hall and Danish-Australian author Jeff Matthews, the follow-up to his successful 2001 debut Halality. The book was released with an enclosed soundtrack – The Wheelchair Wildstyle Soundtrack – written and produced by Martin Hall.

As a parallel to the 63 written chapters in the book, the cd contains 63 minor pieces of music and dramatized events, miniature readings as well as interview fragments where the author comments on the unfolding story.

The track “Wallpaper”, recorded with the new Hall project Aeroflot, was furthermore released as a separate promotion single.

1. Welcome (2:45)2. Wake (0:36)3. Wheelie (0:52)4. Waving Bye Bye (0:46)5. World Wide Wok (1:05)6. Wrong Way (0:05)7. Warning (0:48)8. Waiting Hours (1:03)9. Wanted (0:49)10. Wings (0:29)11. Wichser (0:27)12. Wallpaper (2:47)13. Wishbone (0:46)14. Warner Bros. (0:24)15. Work (1:15)16. Weiter Treiben (0:53)17. Wunderbaum (0:30)18. Wonder Boys (0:43)19. Wc (0:15)20. Wulmstorf (0:07)21. Werbeschrift (0:56)22. Würstchen Stand (2:18)23. Wc 2 (0:55)24. Wüstung (0:59)25. Welt Ende (0:05)26. Wemperhaardt (0:51)27. Woippy (0:11)28. Wastelands (0:44)29. Waterloo (0:20)30. Wildcard (0:51)31. Wagon (0:38)32. Woofer (0:50)33. Weltschmerz (0:55)34. Wash (0:42)35. Weissmüller (0:11)36. Waterfront (0:26)37. Whirlpool (0:20)38. Wankers (0:52)39. Waltzing Mathilda (0:53)40. Whassup? (0:35)41. Wigwam (1:13)42. William S. Burroughs (1:02)43. Wet (1:04)44. Windsurfers (0:41)45. Whereabout? (0:12)46. What’s Cooking? (0:50)47. Wilderness (2:22)48. Wag The Dogs (0:09)49. We Are In Control! (0:33)50. Wonderland (0:12)51. Water Lilies (0:32)52. Wall Street (0:28)53. Waltz (0:18)54. Wendy, We Can Fly! (0:10)55. Whopper (0:26)56. Wack (1:31)57. Water Lilies 2 (0:33)58. Wreck (0:12)59. Whore (0:16)60. Windup (0:30)61. Weightless (0:23)62. Wake (0:53)63. Whiteout (2:44)

Aeroflot: Vocals
Aud Wilken: Vocals
Augustus Rex: Narrator
Bobby Joe: Rapper
Irma Victoria: Vocals
Karoliina Koivisto: Vocals
Katja Andersson: Vocals
Martin Hall: Instruments

Design: Sigrún Gudbrandsdottir

Among the contributors on the soundtrack you can find the Finnish débutante Karoliina Koivisto, the Eurovision Song Contest performer Aud Wilken, Saccharin singer Katja Andersson, the late Irma Victoria, narrator Augustus Rex, rapper Bobby Joe, a Russian nurse, an anonymous man and his girlfriend, a stewardess, a couple of Jeff Matthews’ family members, a trumpet player, a news reader, two drunken people, an anonymous thinker, two actors, a scientist and an audience.