KARMA (KMCD211003)

A Wish of Life is an album by danish post-punk group Before originally released in the summer of 1982. This cd release contains singles and live tracks where Martin Hall appears.

Before was formed in September 1980 by singer and figurehead Fritz ”Fatal” Bonfils and a 17-year-old Martin Hall on guitar. Hall left the band after the group’s legendary support gig at New Order’s first concert in Denmark in May 1981. Read more about the early period  here.

1. A Wish Of Life (3:25)2. Baby Sea (3:37)3. You Can Dream (1:32)4. Schizophrenia Minds (4:09)5. Surrender (3:26)6. The Valleys Of Peace (1:29)7. To Rise (5:29)8. Special Surprise (3:47)9. Grey Day (3:45)10. Wasteful Hours (4:32) 11. Silence (2:28)12. Unexpected Emotions (2:58)13. Sister Culture (3:07)14. Some Hands (3:24)15. Wasteful Hours (Live) (5:36)16. Metal Dreams (Live) (4:08)17. Alle Fangerne (Live) (3:05)

Casper Holm: Guitar
Fritz “Fatal” Bonfils: Vocals
Lars Bo “Tolle” Tolstoy Jacobsen: Bass
Mads Nordheim: Keyboards
Martin Hall: Violin, guitar
Michael Rasmussen: Drums

Design: Maiken Sylvester

Before was formed in September 1980 by Fritz ”Fatal” Bonfils and Martin Hall. Together with drummer Michael Rasmussen (later The Sandmen) and bassist Flemming Andersen (Art in Disorder) the group played its first concert in Rockmaskinen on Christiania in November the same year after which Lars Bo “Tolle” Tolstoy Jacobsen undertook the task of playing bass.

More than a year after Hall’s exit from the group Before released the debut album A Wish of Life (summer 1982). The cd version of the record also features the two singles Silence and Sister Culture on which Martin Hall played violin as well as three live tracks featuring Hall as guitarist.

Martin Hall co-wrote the tracks “Surrender”, “To Rise”, “Wasteful Hours”, “Metal Dreams” and “Alle Fangerne”.