CATALOGUE (1980-2007)


On November 5th 2007 Martin Hall released his so far most extensive record project ever, the box set Catalogue (Martin Hall 1980–2007). The release consists of five audio-cd’s and one dvd, all in all 81 music tracks and 15 visual features, covering Hall’s musical career from 1980 to 2007.

The cd’s are divided into five categories: The first disc is subtitled Airplay and contains singles and airplay tracks, the second is Hallmark featuring the singer’s signature songs (the heavier and more theatrical titles in his repertoire) and the third is Soundtracks which consists entirely of instrumental works (soundtracks from various art installations, theatre projects and films). The fourth cd in the box selection is Remakes which primarily includes new remixes of various Martin Hall songs made by other artists, and finally cd five, entitled Encore, features a selection of newly recorded works with orchestras or classical ensembles.

The dvd, Visuals, furthermore features 15 tracks – film clips, videos and live performances such as a 27-minute footage filmed at his highly appraised concert at the Glyptotek in October 2006 receiving 6 out of 6 stars in leading Danish music magazine Gaffa.

CD 1 (AIRPLAY): 1. Avenues of Oblivion (3:45)2. An Attempt of Interruption (3:03)3. Free-Force Structure (Edit) (6:11)4. Eyes and Hands (5:11)5. Treatment (Edit) (5:25)6. Warfare (Edit) (4:09)7. Showdown (Edit) (4:08)8. Crush (Edit) (3:43)9. Beat of the Drum (4:54)10. Surreal Thing (4:45)11. Prime Material (3:25)12. Rhythm of the Rota (Edit) (4:26)13. Pleasurama (3:43)14. Catching The Dust (5:46)15. Burning Sugar (Edit) (3:22)16. The Stranger in Your Voice (1:30)17. Roseland (4:32)18. Brainwash (3:15)19. World on a String (3:29) CD 2 (HALLMARK): 20. Soil (1:20)21. Leathern (5:03)22. A Spastic Appeal (4:35)23. Imagine Focus (5:12)24. Resonance (5:55)25. Synthesis (8:28)26. Song for Someone (3:13)27. Masquerade (6:12)28. Cradlemoon (5:44)29. Another Heart Laid Bare (4:34)30. To Be Continued (5:33)31. Images in Water (8:03)32. Plaza Flesh (2:31)33. Pantomime (2:29)34. Torn Envelope (8:03) CD 3 (SOUNDTRACKS): 35. Evocative Inelegance (2:08)36. Ritual (Edit) (5:58)37. Point within Circle (4:00)38. Dome (1:30)39. 8 (6:26)40. Erosion (4:33)41. Theme from Night and Day (2:55)42. Interim (1:47)43. Elia (Edit) (14:15)44. Replicator (2:44)45. Theme from Camille (3:51)46. Face Map (1:51)47. Red Star Trademark (9:51)48. Kopfkino Theme (3:25)49. Kvadrat (2:35)50. String Quartet Playing in a Refugee Camp (2:53)51. April 4 (2:00)52. Racing Cars (Edit) (5:28)53. Das Ding an Sich (0:57) CD 4 (REMAKES): 54. Love in Vein (4:15)55. Cool Breeze of Discontent (4:51)56. Rooms Badly Lit (4:31)57. Tu Es Mon Image (7:01)58. Swimming Pool Eyes (6:44)59. Ritualized (4:02)60. Vacuum (4:40)61. Split (1:58)62. St. Petersburg Notes (4:00)63. Chance Encounter (4:31)64. Metastatic (2:32)65. An Even More Vulgar Display (1:53)66. Extended Frame (10:10)67. Crowded Saturdays (2:57)68. Parading the Frozen (9:13)69. Illustration (3:34) CD 5 (ENCORE): 70. Poem (10:30)71. Verschwendung (4:09)72. Process Interrupted (7:06)73. Shift Lock Immunity (3:46)74. Contemporary Ideals (5:41)75. Circuits of Loss (6:27)76. Diary #3 (6:38)77. Trail of Waste (4:25)78. Room Without a View (7:15)79. Pantheon (4:11)80. Questionnaire (9:07)81. Tout le Monde (1:36) DVD (VISUALS): 82. Untitled (Video) (3:57)83. Theme Remains Theme (Video) (2:46)84. Cradlemoon (Video) (4:28)85. Another Heart Laid Bare (Video) (4:33)86. Neglect (Video) (2:40)87. A.S.A.P. (Video) (2:04)88. Other Rooms (Video) (2:44)89. Poem (Video) (7:12)90. Pantomime (Video) (3:25)91. Song for Someone (Video) (3:34)92. An Attempt of Interruption (Video) (7:53)93. Ash and Lemon Water (Video) (3:54)94. Verschwendung (Video) (4:19)95. Brainwash (Video) (4:02)96. Tout le Monde (Video) (1:26)


Electric music is ripping the air / Streets lit up by electricity / Coins of death call through the haze / Disparating conditions of minds / The avenues of oblivion touch your mind / Its sick fingers seek your energy / Shades of submission printed in the air / The corps of the silent army slowly move / Arms of death crawl the highs / Dancers of destruction scream / The preludes of tomorrow / Another rebellious transmission / The avenues of oblivion / The dancers of destruction


The nurseling and the tendon / The naked responsibility / Unexisting possibilities / Like long gone friends / Infectious ideas / I kept your sins / Sincere to the end / And I concentrate on remembering your face / Your eyes / But the noise from the second day’s party wipes it out / Sentimental warfare / Days of life / Seconds of love / Hours of sin / This could be as heart-known / Lust dead in deed / Vulgar to feed / Holding me down / You could be forgiven


Forever hidden in the profile / The either-or behind the both-and / Transcend and ascend in the moment that frees / All loving fucked up in tension / Without shadow and without motion / A word like heart / A word like fire / I believe with my body / Believe with my soul / Believe in the eyes before me / Approach and regain / Life repressed to myth / Changing once again / Words sealed with a kiss / Cancel all the pain / In these fantasies / Of realities / Let the fragments shine / Feel me deep within / Let the nearness bind / Feel me skin to skin / Let your flesh and mind / Fuse to the same thing / Rising from decline / Get up / Reach out / Confront / Break through / Reset reality / Programme your love / All must pass / But presence remains / The basic concepts / The further lies / Of the rituals built on your ism of truth / In this chain reaction set-out / We’re born alone / But still I need you / So please don’t hide in self-hate and / Compromises between a desire to be free / And passion made of confinement


As I am / Changing in these filters of light / Without difference between the symbol / And the force which is symbolized / Just like you / Scanning the shadow / I see you through nothing but eyes / Depending on eyes / As the sphere of wound strengthens the love / Earthbound to heaven / But trapped in the mirrors / If self-made conditions rule perfectly blindly / So selfish bourgeois / So vulgar-pretentious / In your attempted martyrdom / From sacrifice to power release / The strain keeps the balance of love / While it shines like a diamond / So dustless and unseen / Beyond tension and form / Feel it / Skinless / Take it in / In whirls of love / Through eyes and hands / A voice surrounds me / A touch reminds me / Equalizing every change / Again I lie down to die in your arms / Surrounded by the rings in the water / Beyond dividing life into senses / In intellectual self-mutilation / In every circle knowing the centre / In every touch a signal so tender / All on the outside / All on the inside / Without distinction / From request to request / Hiding in the mirrors / In these laws of pain / In the identity of the pain / Drawing the lines between love and hatred / Based on code and revenge / Where’s your respect for love / Where’s your respect for life / Acting out neurotic non-appearance / Stimulating some denied desire / By simulating a heart on fire / In worlds on location / In wordless betrayal / In the illusion of security / But there will be no restrictions / Nor any limits / For body and spirit / When love transcends / In both sense and symbol / Beyond good and evil / Beyond you and me / Cover me with your eyes


Treat me hard / Treat me with heart / Show me no mercy / Show me no sign of weakness / Retreat me right / Remain in light / Through every night and day / So cruelly / I know you’ll be / My destiny / In all / Surrender completely / Fade into me / I need you this close / I want you to be / The purpose itself / To every extent / In method and need / Beginning and end / Treat me right / Treat me with right / Show me no mercy / Show me no sign of weakness / In cover of / All of your love / I’ll make this dream come true / In every trace / Of every face / I feel a stream of you / So tender we treat each other with fear / The root of our need will constantly tear / Our fiction apart / Revealing the bone / Behind walls of love / We’re still all alone / Be my Judas / Be my destiny / I’ll forgive you / In eternity / Be my Jesus / Be my sacrifice / I’ll betray you / With a kiss of ice


In this media of mental translation
 / In this handicap of alienation
 / I need more than your model of motion / Than aesthetics of broken hearts 
/ Here we are again / Feeling just the same
/ In these separate hells
 / Every word’s been said / Every lie’s been fed
 / To define ourselves
 / While your balance is kept intellectual
 / You’re emotionally ineffectual 
/ A hysteria so perfectly tragic 
/ So unreachable near 
/ I’ve just had enough / Of neurotic love 
/ Of this culturecide
 / I don’t need your shit / It just makes me sick 
/ Look into my eyes 
/ ‘Cause this is the face 
/ This is the race


As everything changes me 
/ Exploding in start on start
 / It shines on so hard through you 
/ A crystal of flesh and blood 
/ In your face / In your eyes 
/ In the savagery of / How we love / How we die
 / A fever is burning / Releasing my spirit
 / In these European schemes
 / Imprisoned in mind of stone 
/ A system so centralized
 / Conceptual humanity 
/ Through obsession and love
/ Through the days and the years 
/ And still burning inside 
/ There’s no turning back now
 / The circle is broken
/ Feel the showdown


As you fill me again 
/ I have no further questions 
/ Condemned to be free 
/ As I reach out for you again
 / Nothing is new 
/ But something has grown
 / Bigger than both of us
 / Stronger than memory 
/ And much stronger than defeat
 / I’m gonna crush / The worlds we used to know 
/ A seed is sown / I’m gonna let it grow 
/ I’m quite aware / What I’ll be going through
 / There’s no way back / It all depends on you
 / My destiny / I’ve seen it in your eyes 
/ A love so deep / A stream that purifies
/ And in your arms / The nature of all death
/ Is nothing but / A touch of timelessness
/ I’m gonna crush
/ I’m gonna crush you with my love
/ I’m gonna crush
/ I’m gonna be crushed up in love


Now one day I woke up to some rules of life 
/ That a serious heart needs a light mind to survive 
/ That if you only hope you won’t get very far 
/ ‘Cause dreams call for action
 / No matter what you want the way is to begin
 / ‘Cause knowing all about it is not the living thing
 / And those who sit and ask for great things all the time 
/ Well I hope they’ve sorted out the many small things on the line 
/ A focus inside out / The still of the centre
/ You must live by demand / But also surrender
/ As the beat of the drum / Beats the ghosts on the run
 / So the beat of my heart keeps me wondering
 / Now it’s been said this world is a stage
/ Well then if that is true it’s an unwritten play 
/ That makes being a becoming 
/ It’s so easy seen when it’s someone else 
/ But are you any better when you’re by yourself
 / ‘Cause in this hall of mirrors you’re in a counterpoint 
/ Where it takes one to recognize one
 / Now there are those who say that life is hard and then you die
 / Well petty leads to pity if they do not wonder why 
/ ‘Cause the way to solve a problem is to get a bigger one
 / So to those who cry for freedom / Well there’s working to be done


River deep / Mountain high / Out of the blue / As pure as the real thing / The state and the feeling
 / It leaves me no doubt of what needs to be done
 / A thunder’s been raging / A choice has been taken 
/ To never look back / To be one of the few / While all things must pass / 
A fire will burn / Purify / Never change 
/ It’s seen in the sky / As there’s so much more to this than meets the eye 
/ It’s something within / The longing inside is the drive that allows
 / The work to be done
 / River deep / Mountain high / A shadow inside
/ In the light of a greatness from which none can hide
/ Out of the blue / Into the fire 
/ And I’m stronger than ever in my one surrender 
/ A red storm arising 
/ Now I know what I want / And I know how to get it 
/ It’s calling within and without / As pure as the real thing / The state and the feeling 
/ It leaves me no doubt of what needs to be done
 / A thunder’s been raging / A choice has been taken 
/ To never look back / To be one of the few 
I know it / ‘Cause I feel it 
/ I don’t need no further proof to believe it
 / There’s a guiding light / Burning inside out
 / As pure as the real thing 
/ I return / In the light of the sun
/ A shadow is cast of a moment in time 
/ Like turns of the tide 
/ In the still of the night it begins 
/ What is is to be


Modern life / So-called welfare 
/ It lives inside you like a dream in the night
 / A sophisticated nightmare 
/ It’s gonna blind you with its sweetest delight
 / Stimulus governs / Stimulus rules 
/ It governs the trials / It governs the views 
/ Prime material
/ Transformation of waste 
/ Age of ice / Age of fire 
/ And it’s been later than you think for a while
 / Living myth / The survivors 
/ An inner freedom’s gonna start with denial
 / The self-pity ends / Where reasons begins
 / The theatre stage / Is rice paper thin 
/ Prime material
 / Transformation of waste
 / You’ll know yourself by the resistance 
/ It either breaks you or it makes you stronger


So I got this little stigma 
/ A little stigma in my mind 
/ I’ve been looking for perfection 
/ But it seems so hard to find
 / What’s going up / Is coming down
 / What’s going in / Will come around
 / Second coming / Second going
/ Getting older by the day
 / In the final (ab)solution 
/ Seems there’s nothing left to say
What’s going up / Is coming down 
/ What’s going in / Will come around 
/ And the rota never stops 
/ And it cuts me like a knife 
/ But the time is running out 
/ Like a river running dry
 / I heard a whisper in the wasteland 
/ That I’d gone the line divine
 / But when it all comes down to pieces 
/ You’ve got to read between the lines 
/ I got a taste for more than reason 
/ I got a need to understand 
/ I’ve got to trace the line of changes
 / Before it’s getting out of hand
 / The rhythm of the rota never stops 
/ We’re such stuff as dreams are made of


The sweetest words 
/ They always fall from lovers’ lips
 / Make you believe everything that you’ve heard
 / The whole wide world 
/ It seems like it’s hanging from the sky 
/ Still you turn your blindest eye 
/ See you robbing every mirror 
/ For the images you see 
/ I thought you knew my pleasurama 
/ I thought you knew my everything
 / Nocturnal moods / The melodramas
 / Pulling all your cheap nostalgia
 / Out of anything you see 
/ A frame of mind 
/ Can turn the world all upside down
 / Make you believe everything that you’ve heard 
/ Of all of my heart 
/ I wish I could wish you all the best 
/ But my tolerance’s too sore
Got a little something for you
 / It’s a good and better bye (buy)


The eyes on the ceiling 
/ The eyes on the walls
 / There’s always a riddle unsolved 
/ A question to store
 / Candles burning in the night / To remind you
/ That no matter where you’re hiding 
/ It will find you 
/ Get inside of you 
/ All of this time 
/ Watching the lines 
/ Slowly run out into the blue
 / Catching the dust 
/ Staying untouched
 / Hiding the world within your hand
 / All of this time
 / Just catching the dust 
/ Hiding the world 
/ The longest of stories 
/ The thinnest of air
 / The something you always wanted
 / Untouchable near


The memory lines / That run down the sky 
/ Running like streams of reason 
/ The story is told / In silver and gold 
/ Words never tell the tale 
/ I believe / In all that I see
 / In all that I know 
/ In all that I feel inside me
 / I know / That dreams will come true 
/ If they’re burning
 / Burning sugar / Burns inside me 
/ Burning sugar 
/ Burning so sweet
 / The things that I’ve seen / The places I’ve been 
/ Secrets that stay unbroken 
/ The look in your eyes / It’s high as a kite
 / Cooling my every need


I always wait 
/ For the light 
/ For the day 
/ When love has gone
 / All of the time
 / All of the lies 
/ Turn inside of me
 / The stranger in your voice 
/ Comes and goes
 / Never shows 
/ I’m on my own / Feeling amused
 / Feeling accused
 / I’m a thousand miles away
 / Every tragic love affair will end itself 
/ Always founded on a tragic lack of taste
 / No sweet applause
 / Not even a word 
/ From the stranger in my heart


29 believers / In the room next door 
/ Guess the myth didn’t equal the score 
/ While they’re praising the legend 
/ They can’t wait for his fall
 / Never was enough room for us all 
/ Not enough air to breathe 
/ Or time to leave
 / Trading in make-believe
 / For the time being 
/ Meet me at Roseland 
/ Meet me at summer’s end 
/ No one will notice 
/ Anywhere that we meet 
/ Promise you’ll be there 
/ Don’t leave me waiting 
/ You’re all I’ve ever known 
/ All I’ll ever know 
/ All the painted faces 
/ Every painted smile 
/ So allergic to all that they hide 
/ Guess I needed the feeling 
/ Every scandalous high
 / Got accustomed to life on the line 
/ I saw all the stories end
 / Begin again
 / But only a single face
 / Stayed the same
 / Meet me at Roseland 
/ Meet me at summer’s end 
/ No one will notice 
/ Anywhere that we meet 
/ Promise you’ll be there
 / Don’t leave me waiting 
/ You’re all I’ve ever known 
/ All I’ll ever know
 / Wherever you go
 / Wherever you’ll show
 / I’ll be waiting for you


I can’t help this feeling
 / I don’t think it’s mine 
/ I think I need cleaning / Of brain and of mind
 / Brainwash 
/ Wash it all clean now 
/ Brainwash 
/ Take it away 
/ Brainwash 
/ The ease and the dis-ease
 / Some like it hot / And some not 
/ Not at all 
/ And I don’t need no doctor
 / I just need myself 
/ The melodramatic / Is going to hell


Got the world on a string high above me / Looking down at the clouds under my feet / Signing off with a sigh / Kiss and tell them goodbye if it’s needed / Got a feeling inside / The most natural kind / Spending night after night / Counting every star / Within the dark / Guess I needed to see / That it’s all make-believe / Little animal heart / Tear the heavens apart now / High and dry / I’m still walking on air / Couldn’t care less / If the world that you’ve known seems to change / To me it’s the same / Got the world on a string high above me / Looking down at the clouds under my feet / Signing off with a sigh / Kiss and tell them goodbye if it’s needed / Riding high on these random desires / Dressing up in the light of the fires / Got the world on a string / It doesn’t mean anything more than maybe / Always loved your belief / Such a wonderful need / All the things that I lost / Shining in your eyes / Light up the sky / Feeling too good to die / Well at least for a while / See the Saturday girls / Hear the cry of world now / High and dry and I’m out of the rain / I’ll leave you the taste / Never knew anyone by their name / It’s always the same / Got the world on a string high above me / Looking down at the clouds under my feet / Signing off with a sigh / Kiss and tell them goodbye if it’s needed / Riding high on these random desires / Dressing up in the light of the fires / Got the world on a string / It doesn’t mean anything more than maybe / Its’ the same refrain


Continue the delight / Without fear or abbreviation / Once I had trust in this struggle / Believed that will could disappear / To see the days pass by / With acknowledgement / To face my soil / And I wish I could waste / Meaning and emotion / In some wisdom / How could I in any way tolerate / The way they treated you


Edges of speaking
 / Outlived of hatred 
/ Could I forgive at all
 / Or could sigh be further 
/ Than I reached always
 / Light died / -ly pregnant 
/ Up / Killed in your words
 / Sheet-minded loving was 
/ Respect as given thought 
/ Of hairy swinelike 
/ Hours of nameless 
/ Of this penetration 
/ Could I still cry for sad
 / Tell friend and leech apart
 / The fall of the fallen 
/ Unnamed or misused 
/ Lethal hate given 
/ Word castles built in vain 
/ Salute nugacity
 / Could I feel guilty 
/ The leathern tenderness 
/ Did you cry lustful 
/ I can now nevermore 
/ Give what I wanted to
 / To feel so leathern
 / Cry of the stone tears 
/ Kiss of the unsaid 
/ Without these arms to stretch 
(died in this early grave) / Like passion for unseen
 (buried before dying) / I seek the guiltful 
/ To feel so leathern
/ Emotional / Leprous


Unheard, unheard / You will fall with the masculine delusion
 / Tasteless you / Traceless you
 / Beyond the bloodless necessities 
/ Somewhere lies the feel of splendour 
/ How to fight the denial of feel 
/ How to fight this denial of feel 
/ Among bloodless / Will I fall 
/ A spastic appeal for unknown ideals 
/ Frailty / Your name is strength 
/ Useless wise in all their lies
 / It lead into this


Just a touch of lost 
/ Burning as always 
/ As it was / As it is
/ And eventually
 / Just in trust / Nothing more 
/ So suddenly
/ From beginning to end 
/ While this centreless present reflects itself
 / In inverted moves of an obsessional stage
 / In a stream of light from unreachable marks 
/ Something long ago in everlasting terms 
/ In a crossfade of untitled reasons
 / What it turned out to be
 / And occasionally 
/ Everything in my hands 
/ So totally 
/ In the heat of the touch
 / Like the way we were 
/ Beyond love under will 
/ Suddenly away / In these only words
/ By mistakes again / Into changing links 
/ In this compromise of dependence then 
/ Stage by stage / In exposure
/ Still so timeless / In this life release 
/ Nearness hidden in casual moves 
/ Watch the changes and recall 
/ Touch through another focus 
/ Mark perfection twice 
/ With or without purpose
 / Still tons against tons 
/ Carefully mistaken / In retrospective fear
 / Restrain it all while I imagine focus


Weakening over weakening 
/ A fire that burns so brightly / Only a shadow / Cast by yourself
 / So soft and fading 
/ Wind over body / Shaking each nerve 
/ In curves of freedom / In the hardest care 
/ A baptism in desire / And in merciless grace 
/ And in this fusion 
/ Sister shadows compressed to the core
 / Difference on difference / In every framing I make
 / In display on display
 / And again / Afterwards
 / In the beauty of all death 
/ An ultimate reality
 / Double-lined from phase to phase
 / From the mother wound to the scabelon 
/ From one to zero in a circle of ten 
/ Burning cities melt into sunset / The blue light / The white beds 
/ The roaring shapes of love 
/ From stone to skin / Forcing all life
 / Trapped in this outline
 / For you alone
 / This time for all we know
 / Like a shadow / I feel you near
 / In all these nights without you 
/ Flickering / From dust to contour / Always there 
/ From the centre to the line 
/ Hermetically closed inside me 
/ For you alone
 / This time for all we know
 / Shining through time
 / Sacred but still so raw
/ And all the love 
/ Moving so motionless 
/ And even now 
/ As it always will be 
/ In each overload / Affection running tenderly wild 
/ Losing shadow in every move I make
/ In a flow of warmth / Like blood spreading in water 
/ All alone / Surrounded by time 
/ From displacement to displacement 
/ And in the shadowplay of memory / Closing my eyes
/ And into the abyss of your love
/ Trapped inside the heavens of your touch
 / Felt like this a hundred times before 
/ Still I only need it more and more
 / I will drink the salt stains from your skin 
/ Kiss you clean from all the violence 
/ Drugs / Repression / Fantasy and fear
 / All I need is just to feel you near
 / Feel you near


To my love 
/ Wherever you may be 
/ I’m with you
 / United / In spirit 
/ My life lies in your hands 
/ All power ever been 
/ All power yet to come 
/ Is here now / This instant
 / Around us
 / Inside us


So your cynicism is your new religion 
/ Where your doubt allows you no devotion
 / It makes you feel secure / ‘Cause they can’t say you’re wrong 
/ And that’s right / ‘Cause you’re close to nothing at all
 / So while you’re fighting blinded in your mirror-land
 / You run against the size of your own little box 
/ In a two-mask nightmare theatre / You live what you call your life
 / I call you slave of guilt / I call you sick sick six
 / You know my name / But you don’t know me 
/ In the stupidity of mass-identity
 / Your self-fixation won’t set you free
 / Now anal-ysis is very easy to offer
 / Help is a quite different feature 
/ I wish you’d come down to the basics 
/ I wish you’d begin to surrender


As a witness to the shadows
 / Fingers search for time 
/ While these patterns of deception / Guide our hearts and minds
 / I guess it’s all rite / I guess it’s ritual 
/ But you pervert it with your lies 
/ A modern symphony of end results / Is what’s looking through your eyes / The tragicomic shifts from person A to B 
/ While you pomp and circumstance it with identity 
/ Give us some erasure baby
 / Show us what you’re really like 
/ In between the pressures rising / From the crushed delight
 / So come on baby
 / I can’t wait / For your yes and your no
 / Almost there 
/ But semi-sensuals never touch 
/ Almost there 
/ Where far too much is not enough
 / So pick a word / And sing a song
 / But do it now / Because it won’t be long 
/ Before we have to say goodbye / In this scenario of passing thoughts 
/ You sing your self-reflection blues
 / But malfunction Malkuth baby 
/ I know the tune 
/ So give us drama baby
 / Give us all you never were 
/ While you crawl around in mud / Begging for a choice 
/ A bit of but will soothe the pain 
/ A bit of something else 
/ Although it’s much too late to ask 
/ You can always try 
/ So come on baby 
/ I can’t wait
 / I want to rip you inside out 
/ So welcome to the circus of hate 
/ And welcome to the mind masquerade 
/ Where semi-sensuals never touch 
/ Where far too much is not enough
 / In the masquerade 
/ Where lovers die by lovers’ touch 
/ In the mind parade
 / Where far too much is not enough


The fire and the water keep mixing in my blood
 / The sons and the daughters seemed to give it all up
 / They got too tired of the waiting / Too tired to believe
 / In the promises that nobody keeps 
/ I’ve seen a generation coming / I’ve seen a generation go
 / And the more I see / The less I know
 / I want to go to sleep
 / I want to drown in the deep / Of the cradlemoon / 
I want to touch the sky 
/ I want to lie down and die / In the cradlemoon of the night 
/ So I followed the shadows / By the trail of the waste
 / And it lead me into the heart / To the heart of these days 
/ I Never wanted to remember / Never wanted to believe 
/ But you don’t ask why when the thunderheart beats
 / All I wanted was a reason / What I got was so much mor e
/ Couldn’t turn my back on the things that I saw / I want to go to sleep 
/ I want to drown in the deep / Of the cradlemoon /
 I want to touch the sky
 / I want to lie down and die / In the cradlemoon of the night 
/ In a world full of stories / There’s a time in the night
 / When the sky seems to break by the blink of the eye


Another heart laid bare / On the doorstep to my exile
 / Another pantomime to disbelieve
 / I see your bended head / Always humble in the daylight 
/ Playing the servant’s role to never see 
/ Of all the images / That you left for my keeping 
/ The one I like the most / Is the world outside 
/ I never thought I would / But the distance seems so perfect 
/ I can’t deny the fact / That I’m pleasantly surprised 
/ Another victim cries / Pointing fingers at the heavens 
/ Declaring me the crime of centuries 
/ The traces on my skin / They keep shining in the night time 
/ A fingerprint on every memory


My my
 / Here’s a drummer 
/ All melodramatic 
/ I wonder who invited him in
 / But I’m amused as always 
/ By the glamorous stupidity 
/ It’s the puff and the posh of the way that you are
 / Sugarcoating every word 
/ When it all begins to hurt
 / A little too Babylonian 
/ Now you’re breaking into tears 
/ Though you know I can’t be near
 / Such an effortless act
 / It’s shining through you skin 
/ A skin so paper thin 
/ A living memory 
/ It’s just a breath away 
/ All drawn in pale and grey 
/ So tense and self-aware
 / I can’t breathe in the absence of beauty 
/ Come sustain my arrogance 
/ With a sight that never ends 
/ A little falling from the sky 
/ Ain’t gonna make the day worthwhile
 / Not exactly unpredictable
 / I love the feeling
 / The nervous shivering 
/ A skin show of dreams 
/ Olympian ideals undefeated


The sound of the room
 / The sound of your breathing
 / See the night rain that falls 
/ Hear it run down the walls 
/ There’s a scent in the air 
/ There’s a trace in the water 
/ And you’re stretched like the sky 
/ On these carnival nights
 / That you carry inside
 / And the image you see
 / Such a weight on your eyelids 
/ It never dried on your eyes 
/ Never silenced the cries 
/ Like a needle you find
 / That injects light inside you 
/ See the ribbons of rain
 / Draw the lines of a face
 / The thinnest of air
 / Was all that you needed
 / Now the glittering stars
 / Shine a light far too hard
 / On the tip of your tongue 
/ There’s a word never spoken / Like a vanishing gaze
/ Choreography games 
/ That you try to rename
 / And the image you see
 / Such a weight on your eyelids 
/ It never dried on your eyes
 / Never silenced the cries 
/ Like a needle you find 
/ That injects light inside you
 / See the ribbons of rain 
/ Draw the lines of a face 
/ The scenes of a night cut in marble 
/ The sound of the rain’s getting harder 
/ A hand mirror line turning flesh for a while 
/ You’re so tired now


Show me your true desires
 / Show me your plaza flesh
 / Pictures of people dying 
/ Seem to have no effect no more 
/ I don’t really give as much as a toss anymore 
/ I just want to hide away / Never beg anymore 
/ I don’t really count the days or the hours anymore 
/ ‘Cause she’s gone
/ Come now / Inject the daylight 
/ Come here / Each little girl 
/ At first / Just want to kiss you 
/ But then I want it all
 / I want exces s
/ Your plaza flesh


Feeling like Berlin 1929 
/ So many feelings / All caught up inside 
/ Falling like cities / Seen through lovers’ eyes 
/ Shaking with fever / As they say goodbye 
/ Each time you look 
/ Somebody hides
 / All of the world
 / Up in the clouds 
/ Feeling so stupid / In this pantomime 
/ All that I need is / A pair of starry eyes


With lips bleeding red
 / A flicker of skin
 / Her one silk caress 
/ It’s a breath just about to begin 
/ She believes / What she feels
/ The white of her eyes 
/ A glow in the dark 
/ Wherever she is
 / She’s a silence that shelters my heart
 / She believes / What she is 
/ And I wish she could see
 / What she’s doing to me 
/ In spite of the past
 / In spite of the present
 / She’s the air I breathe
 / She’s the trail of the days 
/ My guide and my trace 
/ The world never sleeps 
/ It feeds on her dreaming 
/ As I close my eyes
 / A taste in my mouth 
/ Of sugary sand 
/ The world seems so small 
/ As it glitters in her open hand
 / She believes 
/ What she needs 
/ And I wish she could see 
/ What she’s doing to me 
/ In spite of the past 
/ In spite of the present 
/ She’s the air I breathe 
/ She’s the trail of the days
 / My guide and my trace 
/ The world never sleeps
 / It feeds on her dreaming 
/ As I close my eyes
 / In the still of the night / The dim desires 
/ In the faint afterglow of heated cries
 / On the moon-flooded roofs and in her eyes 
/ It all comes alive / It all seems to hide 
/ And the words seem to fall like whispers that drip
 / Her voice’s like a fog on her moist soft lips
 / Like a torn envelope that’s sealed with a kiss 
/ How it all seems to break / All seems to shake
 / In a single embrace


Heavy as lead in a medicine secret / Turning the sights on a narrow-go-round / Limited mind never looking for answers / Vanishing light never hitting the ground / And the beauty blinds you / And it cools the strain / And it hides inside you / Like a love in vein / Silhouette tear on a pillow of sorrow / Look-alike pain as a ticket to go / Cities of light for a memory season / Dressing your mind for millennium low


She’s a cool breeze of discontent 
/ She’s like a story that never ends
 / See the twenties within her eyes 
/ Eternal stardust that never dies
 / She’s my Argentine rose
 / She’s such a delicate rose


You know why they hate me / Don’t you / It’s just a matter of time / So they say
 / They won’t forgive any traitors 
/ Whenever they say I’m ungrateful 
/ Just remember the price that I’ve paid / 
I got so tired parading in rooms badly lit
 / In the stardom / Of my boredom 
/ My British manners never failed 
/ How they hated / My behaviour 
/ But you 
/ You shine like the glamour sky
 / You ride on the turning tide
 / At least for a while 
/ And me
 / I’ll wipe off banalities 
/ Whenever they’re thrown at me 
/ I do it so well
 / You know why they hate me / Don’t you 
/ There’s not a lot to be said
 / I didn’t need invitations 
/ Just don’t let your manners escape you
/ Although it’s tempting / There’s nothing to prove 
/ I made my choice 
/ Now it’s all up to you
 / You’re high as a falling star 
/ Just don’t let it go too far 
/ You’ve seen where it ends 
/ The game
 / At best it’s acceptable 
/ At worst it’s despicable
 / I’ll leave it to you


Les rails de la nuit noire 
/ Ils brillent comme lumière 
/ Le monde ne dort jamais
 / Nourrit nos rêves 
/ Mon image de toi
 / Est tombée du ciel
 / Les rêves paraissent continuer 
/ Les chants intérieurs 
/ Murmure des mots inouïs 
/ Tu es mon image
 / Enfourche la lumière comme une vague 
/ Les yeux d’océan / D’amant ne mentent jamais 
/ Détournons-nous comme des étrangers
 / Tout ce que je veux / C’est tout 
/ Tout ce que je veux / C’est toi 
/ Tu es mon image / C’est toi 
/ Les rails de la nuit noire 
/ Ils brillent comme lumière
 / Le monde ne dort jamais
 / Nourrit nos rêves 
/ Mon image de toi
 / Est tombée du ciel 
/ Tombée du ciel 
/ Tu es mon image
 / Plus bleus que toute raison
 / Timides comme tout mensonge
 / Des yeux d’amants jamais secs 
/ Tu es mon image


She’s got a heart full of crazy people
 / She’s clearly not amused
 / Catching colds and missing trains 
/ Is all she seems to do 
/ The tragic bravados / The bourgeois staccato 
/ Wonder why she bothers at all
 / They’re all talking in headlines but dress out of style
 / “Get a life and then give me a call” 
/ Every ghetto gladiator / Every little Pierrot
 / Looking like a drag magician in another wasted show
 / There’s a beggar on each corner / A stench in the air
 / Life’s a song that’s dedicated to the lovers at Tiananmen Square 
/ Confetti-covered / All animated
/ Party eyes that never close 
/ A wave of raving faces with sparkling smiles
 / They look the same wherever she goes 
/ The white shirts and big lips / All drowning in honey 
/ Smacking tongues while they’re shaking their heads
 / Little socialites with portable roots / In her eyes they’d be better off dead
 / But the shops and the markets / The wild consumer craze
 / Seem to bind it all together and somehow make their day 
/ All these harlequin girls with swimming pool eyes 
/ If nothing else matters / They really took advantage of their time
 / So shit in your hat and place your head on a chair
 / This journey’s clearly not going anywhere 
/ Turn on the tv / The lie of the land / A string quartet playing in a refugee camp 
/ Start with a kiss and soon you’ll need vaseline
 / The damage control of any tangerine dream 
/ Play hard to get / You’ll end on the run 
/ ‘Cause everyone’s bored with all this soft-porn


The cigarette smoke in the air
 / The smouldering waves everywhere
 / Full of eyes
 / Prune-coloured eyes
 / In Moscow and St. Petersburg / The places turn into a blur 
/ In your mind
 / A violent sigh 
/ The salt water traces that burn on your skin
 / The words that you hid in letters never sent 
/ Your heartbeat’s a rage never tamed / Never shown
 / Wherever you go / You’re never alone 
/ The alcohol glows for a while 
/ It’s shining like gold in the light 
/ Like a trace 
/ Of halcyon days 
/ Like ghosts in their circuits of loss
 / You carry your own little cross
 / As a shield 
/ Against any need 
/ Wherever you go / You leave something behind 
/ The parts of yourself you’ve been trying to find
 / The smell of the night seems to stick to your skin
 / All locked in a cage / The journey begins


She’s turning away to lie still for a while
 / Just watching the clouds drifting by on the night sky 
/ The skin of a girl and the face of a child 
/ She touches my hand and suggests that we go out
 / She’s checking her face in the mirror 
/ Adjusting her hair endlessly 
/ The hard light of the elevator 
/ Follows her out in the street 
/ It’s too hot to sleep


I don’t know where to start 
/ Never ever seen such a vulgar display
 / Losing mind / Losing heart 
/ Never ever want to fall in love again
 / No new sights to be seen 
/ Sailing on the ocean of arrogant dreams 
/ Chasing nightmares away
 / Trading any reason for lost yesterdays 
/ Don’t spread your stars 
/ Around this perfect moon 
/ Don’t spread these stars 
/ Around this perfect moon


Crowded Saturdays
 / Guest among ghosts 
/ A girl made of shivers
 / Girls on their own / Rolled down shades 
/ Sweet harsh sweat
 / It’s the choked laughter 
/ The unmade bed
 / All the things you might remember
 / Things you might forget
 / Looking young and old /
 In the same glance
 / Nervous tenderness
 / But steady at hand
 / Curly hair
 / And vinyl sounds 
/ Guess it’s carved within the faces 
/ Carved and painted down 
/ A cigarette that’s burning 
/ Along the line 
/ I guess that she’s the one you won’t forget


Stronger than thousand suns 
/ Zero equals one 
/ Two reveals unity
 / As all things to be


The homeless anger has cried so sweet 
/ Does it rise from the blood-stained sheets 
/ Will
/ Dearly bought with the blood 
/ Will torn emotions be the sky of above
 / The genesis of illness lies in your blood 
/ Hate is to be purity 
/ Hate is of truth 
/ I will not tolerate the inbred indulgence
 / Die in your blood-beds 
/ This could be love


Verschwendung ist der Name des Spiels 
/ Eine Tugend 
/ Eine Ehrensache 
/ Meine Seele ist ein Hotel 
/ Meine Liebe eine Einrichtung 
/ Meine Liebe 
/ Ich bin ein Matador 
/ Ein Toreador
 / Ein mutiger Kujon 
/ Ein alter Hund
 / Eine Wiederkunft aus meiner Kindheit 
/ Ein Schauspieler in einer unfreiwilligen Erinnerung 
/ Keiner stellt die Frage
 / Keiner weckt mich zu leben 
/ Zu leben


‘Cause I’ll lie for you / I’ll die for you
 / I’ll do anything
/ To be forgiven


Ash and lemon water
 / Shining on your lips
/ Whatever you do
 / Don’t try to resist
 / It’s the kind of understanding / That makes you feel uncomfortable 
/ It’s the kind of circumstances / That make you feel so old
 / You’re all immune 
/ To crowded rooms 
/ Your heart’s made of air
 / It’s easy to share
 / You’re sliding down / 
The open sky 
/ A handle that breaks 
/ Excitement’s a rage


Eine Straße im Sommer, mit frisch verliebten jungen Leuten und schreienden Kindern überstreut / Ein Saal voller glänzender lackierter Stühle / Ein dunkles, unbefriedigtes Herz / Seine Stimme hörte sich atemlos an, als bemühte er sich, seine Wut zu beherrschen, und seine herablassenden Gedanken über mich waren genau so deutlich wie eine Serie anatomischer Zeichnungen / Seine rhythmischen Schritte klangen wie eine gigantische Uhr / Vor dem Gemälde hielt er inne, starrte mich mit einem unergründlichen, schwelenden Blick an und fragte mich dann, was ich meinte / Als ob ihn das interessierte / Das Gespräch schien in einem überfüllten Zimmer statt zu finden / Jedes Mal, wenn ich etwas zu sagen versuchte, klang es, als probierte ich ein neues Wort aus dem Fremdwörterbuch zum ersten Mal aus / Schließlich war ich ganz gefühllos – als wäre ich nicht länger anwesend im Raum / Mit beinahe traumhafter Normalität nahm er sein Selbstgespräch wieder auf, sprach von den höheren Regionen des Geistes und dem Greifvermögen der Seele und darüber, wie wenig das eine ohne das andere wert sei


Fields of living fire 
/ You’ll see me reaching into the air
 / The shadow of a survivor 
/ I turn around / But there’s no one there
/ Now I’ve been looking for reason 
/ Some poisons taste like the sweetest wine
 / But all I ever believed in
/ Was all the things that I couldn’t find 
/ Hear the cries and the whispers
/ The touch-and-go of another night
 / The afterglow of desire 
/ Shines with the flame of a lesser light 
/ A line of nameless faces 
/ Fading away in a sea of time 
/ Another time and place is 
/ The last belief of performing mind 
/ The fires burn / Erasing all the traces
 / And I spread the ashes all across the sky 
/ Watching it fall like rain through empty spaces
 / To the darkest corners of my heart and mind 
/ In a room without a view
 / There’s a story without end
 / Every time an answer show s
/ Then another hides away


Habits that I just couldn’t break 
/ Caught within the frame of my ways
 / Living with the stories and tales 
/ That surrounded my every move
 / Turning living into a game 
/ Changes made it all stay the same
 / Paranoid delusions remained 
/ Such an elegant way to run free
/ But no eye shall absorb any tear that it cries
 / And no heart ever drown in its beat 
/ Guess I needed to see just how pointless it is 
/ To be right when it’s not what you feel
 / Shaken by words never meant to be said
 / Breaking the silence of lost innocence 
/ I just couldn’t see
 / How you carried the weight of it all 
/ Starving desires / Extravagant needs 
/ Caught in the dark of my fading belief s
/ I just couldn’t see 
/ How you shielded my every mov e
/ I just couldn’t see


Ashes to ashes
 / And dust to dust
 / A fantasy world of omni-science 
/ Heavens and ambitions / In showrooms of the mind 
/ In another chapter / Of forgotten time
 / Faces disappearing / In memory and mind
 / But you / You know it all in your identity design
 / So 20th centur y
/ Things are what they are / No matter what we feel
 / Endeavour is the key / Not the mastermind ideal 
/ And if you don’t agree 
/ Well then you don’t agree
 / So come on little playtime Hitler 
/ Forget your intellectual parades
 / There are no final solutions / Only final denials 
/ No need for vain display 
/ I’ve seen your religion and I’ve seen your inner borders 
/ And my spit is more sacred than all your holy water 
/ ‘Cause it’s of flesh and blood 
/ It’s of flesh and blood


April 4 turning 9.25 / Writing words in the air / Lovers left with a cool rainy day / Places no longer there / Cardboard letters and manners that fail / Paris Odéon girls / Doors are closing / Lights still glowing / With a weak innocence

“Impressive box set capturing 27 years of uncompromising work … a must for fans and strongly recommendable for beginners.”
( * * * * * )
Gaffa (Denmark’s biggest music magazine)

”An impressive introduction to one of the country’s most important and most productive songwriters … it’s difficult to point to any other Danish colleague who can put together 81 tracks without putting a foot wrong one single time.”
( * * * * * )
Jyllands-Posten (Denmark’s biggest daily newspaper)

”The eccentric dandy exposed from A to Z … a piece of Danish music history that no connoisseur should miss. A true ear-opener.”
( * * * * )
Citadel (the Danish equivalent to i-D Magazine)

Only feature artists listed

Acustic: Remix
Ballet Mécanique: Instruments
Candy’s Room: Remix
Christian Skeel: Remix
Dub Tractor: Remix
Efterklang: Remix
Else Marie Pade: Remix
Erik Levander: Remix
Front and Fantasy: Instruments
Hess Is More: Remix
Johnny Stage: Remix
Marcel de Sade: Piano
Palle Mikkelborg: Trumpet
Pellarin: Remix
Pellarin & Lenler: Remix
Prinz Ezo: Remix
The Danish Chamber Players: Orchestra
Trauma: Remix
Under For: Instruments
Winterhill: Remix
Wäldchengarten: Remix

‘Catalogue’ contains a line of recordings made in the period 1980–2007. For specific information concerning the individual song titles we need to direct you to the discography section and the original releases. 

Design: Kenneth Schultz
Photo: Robin Skjoldborg

Since the musicians involved in the recordings featured on the box set add up to hundreds of people, we have to direct you to our discography section and the original releases as far individual tracks are concerned. However, of the newly recorded material for the release we have to highlight the following two guest visits in particular:

On the track “Finale” Martin Hall collaborates with Danish musical legend Else Marie Pade, a Danish pre-electronica pioneer (student of Karlheinz Stockhausen) who at the age of 82 made her first remix ever. This contribution ends off disc four, Remakes.

The second somewhat surprising appearance on the Catalogue box is that of yet another Danish myth, the herostratically famous Marquis Marcel de Sade who by his spectacular and flamboyant lifestyle turned Denmark upside down in the 50’s and start-60’s. Very appropriate for an artist of Hall’s stature, the final song on the box set, ”Tout le Monde”, is performed with the latter accompanying him on the piano.

Apart from Hall’s own liner notes Catalogue also contains an introduction written by Panoptikon from which the following explanatory excerpt is taken:

”Although Martin Hall’s complete discography consists of more than one hundred releases, the artist himself is fully content with focusing solely on available titles such as Camille, Metropolitan Suite, Das Mechanische Klavier, Inskription and Facsimile, his highly praised latest album. Together with the recent jubilee version of Ballet Mécanique’s The Icecold Waters of the Egocentric Calculation and current plans of re-releasing Random Hold next year, the key elements of his musical framework thereby seem in place. However, continual requests for many of his older releases have been hard to ignore for a long time.

Therefore Panoptikon has decided to release the Catalogue box – as a summary of Hall’s recordings as both singer and instrumentalist. This process has obviously not been easy: The diversity of his working methods add up to a problem as far as the selection of material is concerned. In the words of the internationally acclaimed Danish ensemble Efterklang, Martin Hall embodies “a fascinating schizophrenic versatility” that transcends any common category. Whether you like his music or not, it is only fair to say that he has become a brand of his own in contemporary Danish music.”

On the remix part of the box (CD 4) the following artists have contributed:

1. Love in Vein (Trauma)
2. Cool Breeze of Discontent (Candy’s Room remix of “My Argentine Rose”)
3. Rooms Badly Lit (Hess Is More remix of “You Know Why They Hate Me”)
4. Tu Es Mon Image (Efterklang)
5. Swimming Pool Eyes (Winterhill remix of “Damage Control”)
6. Ritualized (Dub Tractor remix of “Ritual”)
7. Vacuum (Pellarin remix of “Other Rooms”)
8. Split (Acustic remix of “Feet on Glass”)
9. St. Petersburg Notes (Christian Skeel remix of “Other Rooms”)
10. Chance Encounter (Erik Levander remix of “Mimic”)
11. Metastatic (Hall & Skeel remix of “A.S.A.P.”)
12. An Even More Vulgar Display (Wäldchengarten remix of “A Vulgar Display”)
13. Extended Frame (Pellarin & Lenler remix of “Minor Frame”)
14. Crowded Saturdays (Johnny Stage remix of “Minor Frame”)
15. Parading the Frozen (Prinz Ezo remix of “Another Heart Laid Bare”)
16. Illustration (Else Marie Pade remix of “Finale”)

The DVD contains two selections from the film Totem made by Claus Bohm and Ole John Film (1/2), two Random Hold videos made by Robin Skjoldborg (3/4), two Facsimile videos made by (5/6), ”Other Rooms” in an unplugged version from the television programme TV2-Lorry (7), The Danish National Radio’s extensive coverage of Hall’s appearance at both The Glyptotek and Trax Galla 2006 (8–14) as well as a unique footage of Martin Hall and Marcel de Sade during the recording of the song ”Tout le Monde” (15) made by

“Impressive box set capturing 27 years of uncompromising work … a must for fans and strongly recommendable for beginners.”
( * * * * * )
Gaffa (Denmark’s biggest music magazine)

”An impressive introduction to one of the country’s most important and most productive songwriters … it’s difficult to point to any other Danish colleague who can put together 81 tracks without putting a foot wrong one single time.”
( * * * * * )
Jyllands-Posten (Denmark’s biggest daily newspaper)

”The eccentric dandy exposed from A to Z … a piece of Danish music history that no connoisseur should miss. A true ear-opener.”
( * * * * )
Citadel (the Danish equivalent to i-D Magazine)