MARCH 2008
LINDHARDT OG RINGHOF (ISBN 978-87-11-31377-8)

Infodementia is a collection of essays, articles and reviews written throughout 2007. As a columnist for the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten (Denmark’s biggest daily newspaper) as well as another paper, Dato, Martin Hall comments upon events such as The MTV Awards Copenhagen and the capitol’s yearly fashion week. The book also features extensive essays written for The Royal Danish Theatre and leading Danish rock magazine Gaffa.

Genre: Essays and articles
Pages: 227 (illustrated)
Design: Kenneth Schultz
Photo: Territorium

"Consider me one of those Parisians Walter Benjamin writes about in the opening of “Records and Materials” in The Arcades Project – a man who, surprised by a sudden shower, seeks refuge in one of the city's passages, these glass-covered, marble-adorned corridors full of beautiful shops and windows, abounding of goods and merchants."

As additional value to the selected articles Infodementia also contains a series of otherwise unpublished writings such as two extensive features written during the filming of a major motion picture in Prague and a stay in Buenos Aires.

The release of Infodementia coincided with Martin Hall’s 25th anniversary as an author. Likewise his debut book from 1983 Infodementia features a line of the author’s graphical works and illustrations.