At the end of March 2008 the motion picture Flammen & Citronen (“The Flame and The Lemon”) had premiere in Scandinavian cinemas. The film is the most expensive Danish language production ever made and is directed by acclaimed Danish filmmaker Ole Christian Madsen.

The picture revolves around the Danish resistance movement fighting the Nazi occupation of Denmark during World War II and tells the true story of two of its most significant characters, Flammen (“The Flame” a.k.a. Bent Faurschou Hviid) and Citronen (“The Lemon”, Jørgen Haagen Schmith) – in the film played by respectively Thure Lindhardt and Mads Mikkelsen (the latter internationally known from his role as the villain Le Chiffre in the James Bond movie Casino Royale from 2006).

Martin Hall’s film debut is a short, almost cameo-like guest appearance where he plays the part of Captain Østergaard Petersen.

1. Flammen & Citronen (133 min.) Motion Picture DVD Metronome/Universal Pictures

Thure Lindhardt
Mads Mikkelsen
Stine Stengade
Peter Mygind

Director: Ole Christian Madsen
Producer: Nimbus Film
Design: Nimbus Film
Photo: Jørgen Johansen

“Incredibly exciting, entertaining and a visual delight to watch. Simply a must see.”
( * * * * * * )
Ekstra Bladet (The Danish equivalent to The Sun)

”A feat of strength.”
( * * * * )
Politiken (The Danish equivalent to The Guardian)

“Exciting, elegant, full of atmosphere and crowned with intense presence. A basically perfect film.”
( * * * * * )
Børsen (The Danish equivalent to Financial Times)

“A poignant and thought-provoking drama from beginning to end.”
( * * * * * )
Euroman (The Danish equivalent to to GQ Magazine)

As stated, Martin Hall’s makes his debut as a film actor in a short, almost cameo-like guest appearance playing the part of Captain Østergaard Petersen – a depraved, Nazi friendly persona with a strong propensity to nightly excesses.

Although the scene in the film was shortened significantly in comparison to the original storyboard due to its very violent nature, the sequence is still a memorable view for Hall aficionados.