Among a line of Danish top executives and MP’s Martin Hall was invited to participate in the book Authenticity on the matter of modern business management and ethics. During his contribution – the longest chapter in the book – Hall presents a series of sharp and precise analyses of the general “wage earner mentality of the Danish society” compared to the more nomadic state of working as an artist.

Martin Hall’s background to figure alongside the book’s long list of prominent Danish businessmen/women – people such as Christian Stadil (owner of Hummel), Flemming Østergaard (chairman of the board of directors in Parken Sport & Entertainment A/S), Margrethe Vestager (Member of Parliament and chairman of Det Radikale Venstre) as well as Peter Mogensen (political commentator and chief sub-editor on the newspaper Politiken) – was Hall’s increasing work with the industry in general. As a frequent guest in business establishments such as Maersk, Grundfos, Rambøll as well as Novo Nordisk he had shown himself capable of communicating great idealism as well as to exercise the needed critical approach to the basic concept of business as a whole.

Charlotte Mandrup, author of Authenticity: “As the highly respected and critically acclaimed artist Martin Hall is, he simply embodies the moral and personal authenticity that basically everyone in the business world seeks.”