As a prelude to his first concerts in three years Martin Hall released the new download single and ep Mirrorball in September 2009, a release on which he collaborates with three very different producers.

The opening track on the ep is a radio version of the title song, a grandiose pop version produced and recorded by Andreas Sommer (a.k.a. Maskinen). After this follows “Patterns of Waiting” featuring producer Mikkel Meyer, then “Forgetting the Details” produced by Christian Skeel – both artists who contributed to Martin Hall’s critically acclaimed album Hospital Cafeterias released earlier 2009.

1. Mirrorball (3:46)
2. Patterns of Waiting (5:37)
3. Forgetting the Details (5:28)
4. D-Box Version (4:50)
5. / / / / / (0:06)


Cheekbones made of light
Somewhere it’s morning
The languid grey of night
Leaving the fragrance of a cry

Guess you’re sliding back into your life
The pressure on your eyelids
Patterns of waiting
Of suffocating
Replaying the same scene
Recalling the same dream

Cover any feeling
Cover any reason now
You’re breathing the same air
The same hysteria
Like a mirrorball that shines
Just another flash of light
Forgetting the details
Rewriting the scene in your mind

The shimmer of the dawn
Bleeding its beauty
How many times before?
Inhaling the sacred air of youth
Trying to guide me
To shield and to hide me

Guess she’s sliding back into her life
The pressure on her eyelids
The time that it’s taking
Before she wakens
It feels like a lifetime
A memory rewind

Christian Skeel: Piano
Johnny Stage: Bass, guitar
Martin Hall: Vocals, piano
Andreas Sommer: Drums, keyboards, bass, guitar
Mikkel Meyer: Treatments
The Vista Dome Ensemble: Orchestra

Design: Kenneth Schultz
Photo: Territorium

In Mikkel Meyer’s version the song is viewed through a set of almost clinically detached, electronically based optics, whereas Christian Skeel examines the composition in collaboration with the orchestra The Vista Dome Ensemble. The last version on the ep is Hall’s own original demo of the song, a recording on which guitarist Johnny Stage also performs.

The title song was released as a part on the download ep as well as a single-track mp3. A special collector’s version of the ep was also made available in 100 numbered copies.