JUNE 2010

The two legendary Danish films about respectively the poetry scene and musical underground of the start-80’s, Nattens Engel (“Angel of the Night”, 1981) and Totem (1984), were released as one dvd by Another World Entertainment in June 2010. Both films are directed by Claus Bohm.

Nattens Engel (“Angel of the Night”, 1981) has its focus on the new poets of the period, particularly Danish poet Michael Strunge, 1958–1986. Martin Hall has written and recorded the music for the film.

Totem from 1984 focuses on the dawning music scene of the period and contains both an interview with a 20-year-old Martin Hall as well as two live performances with his group Under For (both tracks are also featured on the Catalogue box released in 2007). You’ll also find performances with Sort Sol, Ads and Alive with Worms in the film.

1. Totem (36.11)2. Nattens Engel (34.07)

”A fine and visually stimulating portrait of an epoch and a group of people who it’s hard not to admire. Also many years later.”
( * * * * * )
Gaffa (Denmark’s biggest music magazine) – Ras Bolding (June 7, 2010)

Totem and Nattens Engel are two fantastic films and tales of time …”
( * * * * * )
Cinema Online (Denmark’s biggest film site) – Helle Perrier (June 14, 2010)