In September 2010 Panoptikon released Martin Hall’s critically acclaimed live performance at St. Paul’s in Aarhus as a dvd.

Originally filmed and transmitted by the Danish television network DK4 at the event in October 30, 2009, the dvd release has been added English subtitles in respect of Hall’s European audiences.

The repertoire of the night stretches from Hall’s early Ballet Mécanique period all the way up to his at the time current album Hospital Cafeterias.

Among the highlights of the night is ”Images in Water” as well as Hall’s acoustic version of ”Treatment”, a song he originally recorded with Martin Krogh (deceased 1988) under the band name Front and Fantasy in 1985.

1. P.O. (2:36)
2. Other Rooms (4:19)
3. Plaza Flesh (2:31)
4. 40 Versions of the Time Before (2:38)
5. An Attempt of Interruption (7:45)
6. Treatment (6:17)
7. Ash and Lemon Water (3:10)
8. Images in Water (8:03)
9. Crush (5:14)
10. Imagine Focus (5:12)
11. To Be Continued (5:33)
12. Torn Envelope (8:03)
13. Eyes and Hands (5:11)
14. Avenues of Oblivion (3:45)
15. The Mark (4:49)


I’ve seen your face a thousand times
I’ve seen you hide within the crowd
I feel you run within my blood
But dreams are never quite enough
Not enough

All I want to believe in
Is the look in your eyes
All I want to believe in
Is your sigh
Let me stay here forever
Let me stay here tonight
Let us stay here together
For a while

No one knows you better than me
No one knows you better than me


The cigarette smoke in the air
The smouldering waves everywhere
Full of eyes
Prune coloured eyes

In Moscow and St. Petersburg
The places turn into a blur
In your mind
A violent sigh

The salt water traces that burn on your skin
The words that you hid in letters never sent
Your heartbeat’s a rage never tamed, never shown
Wherever you go, you’re never alone

The alcohol glows for a while
It’s shining like gold in the light
Like a trace
Of halcyon days

Like ghosts in their circuits of loss
You carry your own little cross
As a shield
Against any need

Wherever you go, you leave something behind
The parts of yourself you’ve been trying to find
The smell of the night seems to stick to your skin
All locked in a cage the journey begins


Show me your true desires
Show me your plaza flesh
Pictures of people dying
Seem to have no effect no more

I don’t really give as much as a toss anymore
I just want to hide away, never beg anymore
I don’t really count the days or the hours anymore
‘Cause she’s gone, gone, gone, gone, gone
‘Cause she’s gone, gone, gone

Come now
Inject the daylight
Come here
Each little girl
At first I just want to kiss you
But then I want it all
I want excess
Your plaza flesh


Falling asleep on a long distance flight
The images in the still of the night
A scent of waste
The sight of your face

A flicker of uneasiness
Will I be able to forget now?
Nurses and young girls in a row
How can I ever let you go now?

Like 40 versions of the time before
The ballerinas at my feet
The connoisseurs out in the street
Oh you mean nothing to me

Just try to tell yourself the tale again
You tell yourself it’s all the same again

The city lights that came alive
The stars that fell down from the sky
You turned around within the light
Your skin so frail and lily-white

The centre of the Western world

A glamorous confusion zipped
Upon the parting of your lips
Intangible as every breath
As inescapable as death
Oh it means nothing to me


The nurseling and the tendon
The naked responsibility
Unexisting possibilities

Like long gone friends
Infectious ideas
I kept your sins
Sincere to the end

And I concentrate on remembering your face, your eyes
But the noise from the second day’s party wipes it out
Sentimental warfare

Days of life
Seconds of love
Hours of sin
This could be as heart-known
Lust dead in deed
Vulgar to feed
Holding me down
You could be forgiven

‘Cause I’ll lie for you
I’ll die for you
I’ll do anything
To be forgiven


Treat me hard
Treat me with heart
Show me no mercy
Show me no sign of weakness

Retreat me right
Remain in light
Through every night and day
So cruelly
I know you’ll be my destiny
In all

Surrender completely
Fade into me
I need you this close
I want you to be
The purpose itself
To every extent
In method and need
Beginning and end

Treat me right
Treat me with right
Show me no mercy
Show me no sign of weakness

In cover of all of your love
I’ll make this dream come through
In every trace of every face
I feel a stream of you

So tender we treat each other with fear
The root of our need will constantly tear
Our fiction apart
Revealing the bone
Behind walls of love
We’re still all alone

Be my Judas
Be my destiny
I’ll forgive you in eternity

Be my Jesus
Be my sacrifice
I’ll betray you with a kiss of ice


Ash and lemon water
Shining on your lips
Whatever you do
Don’t try to resist

It’s the kind of understanding that makes you feel uncomfortable
It’s the kind of circumstances that make you feel so old

You’re all immune
To crowded rooms
Your heart’s made of air
It’s easy to share

You’re sliding down
The open sky
A handle that breaks
Excitement’s a rage


The sound of the room
The sound of your breathing
See the night rain that falls
Hear it run down the walls
There’s a scent in the air
There’s a trace in the water
And you’re stretched like the sky
On these carnival nights
That you carry inside

And the image you see
Such a weight on your eyelids
It never dried on your eyes
Never silenced the cries
Like a needle you find
That injects light inside you
See the ribbons of rain
Draw the lines of a face

The thinnest of air
Was all that you needed
Now the glittering stars
Shine a light far too hard
On the tip of your tongue
There’s a word never spoken
Like a vanishing gaze
Choreographed games
That you try to rename

And the image you see
Such a weight on your eyelids
It never dried on your eyes
Never silenced the cries
Like a needle you find
That injects light inside you
See the ribbons of rain
Draw the lines of a face

The scenes of a night cut in marble
The sound of the rain’s getting harder
A hand mirror line turning flesh for a while
You’re so tired now


As you fill me again
I have no further questions
Condemned to be free
As I reach out for you again

Nothing is new
But something has grown
Bigger than both of us
Stronger than memory
And much stronger than defeat

I’m gonna crush the worlds we used to know
A seed is sown
I’m gonna let it grow
I’m quite aware what I’ll be going through
There’s no way back
It all depends on you

My destiny
I’ve seen it in your eyes
A love so deep
A stream that purifies
And in your arms
The nature of all death
Is nothing but a touch of timelessness

I’m gonna crush you with my love
I’m gonna be crushed up in love


Just a touch of lost
Burning as always
As it was, as it is
And eventually
Just in trust, nothing more
So suddenly
From beginning to end

While this centreless present reflects itself
In inverted moves of an obsessional stage
In a stream of light from unreachable marks
Something long ago in everlasting terms

In a crossfade of untitled reasons
What it turned out to be
And occasionally
Everything in my hands
So totally
In the heat of the touch

Like the way we were
Beyond love under will
Suddenly away in these only words
By mistakes again into changing links
In this compromise of dependence then

Stage by stage, in exposure
Still so timeless in this life release
Nearness hidden in casual moves
Watch the changes and recall

Touch through another focus
Mark perfection twice
With or without purpose
Still tons against tons
Carefully mistaken in retrospective fear
Restrain it all while I imagine focus

As I lie down
As I lie


Here’s a drummer
All melodramatic
I wonder who invited him in
But I’m amused as always
By the glamorous stupidity
It’s the puff and the posh of the way that you are

Sugar coating any word
When it all begins to hurt
A little too Babylonian
Now you’re breaking into tears
Though you know I can’t be near
Such an effortless act

It’s shining through your skin
A skin so paper thin
A living memory
It’s just a breath away
All drawn in pale and grey
So tense and self-aware
I can’t breathe in the absence of beauty

Come sustain my arrogance
With a sigh that never ends
A little falling from the sky
Ain’t gonna make the day worthwhile
Not exactly unpredictable

I love the feeling
The nervous shivering
A skin show of dreams
Olympian ideals undefeated


With lips bleeding red
A flicker of skin
Her one silk caress
It’s a breath just about to begin
She believes
What she feels

The white of her eyes
A glow in the dark
Wherever she is
She’s a silence that shelters my heart
She believes
What she is

And I wish she could see
What she’s doing to me
In spite of the past
In spite of the present
She’s the air I breathe

She’s the trail of the days
My guide and my trace
The world never sleeps
It feeds on her dreaming
As I close my eyes

A taste in my mouth
Of sugary sand
The world seems so small
As it glitters in her open hand
She believes
What she needs

And I wish she could see
What she’s doing to me
In spite of the past
In spite of the present
She’s the air I breathe

She’s the trail of the days
My guide and my trace
The world never sleeps
It feeds on her dreaming
As I close my eyes

In the still of the night, the dim desires
In the faint afterglow of heated cries
On the moon flooded roofs and in her eyes
It all comes alive
It all seems to hide

And the words seem to fall like whispers that drip
Her voice’s like a fog on her moist soft lips
Like a torn envelope that’s sealed with a kiss
How it all seems to break
All seems to shake
In a single embrace


As I am
Changing in these filters of light
Without difference between the symbol and the force that is symbolized
Just like you
Scanning the shadows
I see you through nothing but eyes
Depending on eyes
As the sphere of wound strengthens the love

Earthbound to heaven but trapped in the mirrors
If self-made conditions rule perfectly blind
So selfish bourgeois
So vulgar pretentious in your attempted martyrdom
From sacrifice to power release
The strain keeps the balance of love
While it shines like a diamond
So dustless and unseen
Beyond tension and form

Feel it
Take it in
In whirls of love
Through eyes and hands
A voice surrounds me
A touch reminds me
Equalizing every change

Again I lie down to die in your arms
Surrounded by the rings in the water
Beyond dividing life into senses in intellectual self-mutilation
In every circle knowing the centre
In every touch a signal so tender
All on the outside
All on the inside
Without distinction

From request to request
Hiding in the mirrors
In these laws of pain
In the identity of the pain
Drawing the lines between love and hatred
Based on code and revenge
Where’s your respect for love?
Where’s your respect for life?
Acting out neurotic non-appearance

Stimulating some denied desire by simulating a heart on fire
In worlds on location
In wordless betrayal
In the illusion of security
But there will be no restrictions
Nor any limits
For body and spirit
When love transcends
In both sense and symbol
Beyond good and evil
Beyond you and me


Electric music is ripping the air
Streets lit up by electricity
Coins of death call through the haze
Disparating conditions of minds

The avenues of oblivion touch your mind
Its sick fingers seek your energy
Shades of submission printed in the air
The corps of the silent army slowly move

Arms of death crawl the highs
Dancers of destruction scream
The preludes of tomorrow
Another rebellious transmission

The avenues of oblivion
The dancers of destruction


Haven’t learned my lesson
I won’t excuse when I say I
Please do not beg me
Please do not beg me

Senseless responsible as I hold this knife
Guilt is heavier than any weapon
Unprovoked as I testified
The burden of therapeutic lied gave me the right to judge

The fear has reached a limit
Where armless have no helping hands
Please do not beg me
Please do not beg me

And with the feverish light as guide
I was given the mark of the beast
I as you this close
Held of to believe

Searching for the gift of life

“An absolutely outstanding evening … you couldn’t ask for much more.”
( * * * * * )
Gaffa (Denmark’s biggest music magazine)

“Beautiful and experimental … he let the highlights of his first 30 years of his impressive career speak.”
( * * * * * )
Jyllands-Posten (Denmark’s biggest daily newspaper)

“You have to admit that Martin Hall is able to stage himself and his songs in a way that always turns a Hall concert into a special event … an impressive walk through the career as a whole”.
Geiger (Danish equivalent to Wire Magazine)

Carla Kuotila: Cello
Henriette Groth: Keyboards, piano, clarinet
Ida Bach Jensen: Double bass
Johnny Stage: Guitar, backing vocals, sitar, mandolin
Karoliina Koivisto: Violin
Martin Hall: Vocals, acoustic guitar
Mikkel Meyer: Electronics, modulators
Sisse Selina Larsen: Drums, backing vocals, percussion

Design: Kenneth Schultz
Photo: Mie Brinkmann

Martin Hall’s concerts during October and November 2009 in Denmark and Germany were his first live performances as a singer for more than three years. The reviews succeeding all events were fantastic. Hall was reported to be at his peak as both a singer and a performer and the St. Paul’s concert was given five star ratings and reviews in both Gaffa (Denmark’s biggest music magazine) and Jyllands-Posten (Denmark’s biggest newspaper). The concert was also awarded “best Danish concert 2009” by the users of the Danish Recession festival.

The opening concert in Flensburg, Germany, was reviewed with proclamations like these:

Grenzwellen: “A touching and impressive evening! Totally overwhelming.”
Medienkonverter: “Für mich das bewegendste und emotionalste Konzert seit langer Zeit. Ganz, ganz groß!.”
Geiger: “Phenomenal: Martin Hall and his group weren’t just good; there were moments that can only be described as sublime.”
Transmission: “I’m about to give the event the concert of the year sticker.”

Recorded at The St. Paul’s Church (Denmark) on October 30, 2009, by DK4. Live sound by Thomas Li, light design by Per Daumiller. Sound remix made by Johnny Stage.