Under the title Kinoplex – Fragments of a Memory Journal Martin Hall performed a multimedia stage play based on his newly released (likewise entitled) novel at The Music Theatre of Copenhagen during October 2010. During November the show was also performed at Kulturværftet in Elsinore.

In the audio-visual form that characterizes the events at The Music Theatre of Copenhagen the Kinoplex performance was a video-based co-production with the artist featuring music and narrations. The theatre version of Hall’s script revealed a very different aspect of the novel than the one you get if you read the book.

The participants at all shows were:

Herbert Zeichner
Andrea Pellegrini (mezzo-soprano)
Martin Hall
 (electronics, modular systems)
Johnny Stage (guitar, treatment)
Ida Bach Jensen (double-bass)
Henriette Groth (piano, viola, clarinet)
Casper Øbro (VJ)

The performance was conceptualized Martin Hall and Allan Klie.