TURBINE (ISBN 978-87-406-1217-2)

The Danish book Changes is a literary statement about David Bowie’s legacy written and edited by the Danish journalists Klaus Lynggard and Henrik Queitsch.

Originally the book was planned to mark the singer’s 70th birthday in January 2017, but when Bowie died in the beginning of 2016 the editors wanted the writing to become a collective memory written by a line of Danish artists and journalists.

Apart from the two main authors the book includes reflections and essays written by contributors such as Martin Hall, Asger Schnack, Kristian Leth, Benn Q. Holm, Ralf Christensen, Jakob Levinsen, Lars Movin, Jens Unmack, Jan Laursen, Bo Green Jensen, Signe Høirup Wille-Jørgensen, Søren E. Jensen, Lars Bukdahl, Nicolaj Stochholm, Katrine Nyland Sørensen, Anna Ullmann, Anne Sperling, Pernille Jensen and Kira Skov.

The cover is made by the Danish painter Lars Ravn. The book is designed by Sigrún Gudbrandsdóttir.