On Thursday the 11th of January at 7.00 PM Martin Hall meets the Danish author Kirsten Thorup (born 1942), who recently received Nordisk Råds Litteraturpris for her novel Remembrance of love. The arrangement will take place in Tranquebar, a combined café and bookstore in central Copenhagen. The evening is presented under the heading “A journey through generations and relations”.

Based on Hall’s new book 1971-1985 and with parallels to Thorup’s award-winning novel, the two writers will try to identify some of the many questions that both books contain – such as the relationship between parents and their children as well as the massive influence the 70’s had upon both generations.

You can buy tickets at the price of 50,- DKK through or in the entrance on the evening itself.


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REVIEWS OF “1971–1985”

“Martin Hall writes unadorned, beautifully, often wise and most of the time relievingly funny about his youth and early days.”
( * * * * )
Politiken (Danish equivalent to The Guardian)

“Hall is brilliant in his depiction of a rampant Copenhagen in the seventies … the book is a sharp and observant snapshot.”
( * * * * )
Berlingske (Danish equivalent to The Times)

“Incredibly sharp … Martin Hall’s ability to reflect and convey his understanding is admirable.”
( * * * * )
GAFFA (Scandinavia’s biggest music magazine)

“Martin Hall has style, and with this book he manages to come close to the substance and the pain in the depiction of his early career’s harsh downside with suicides, drugs and chronic restlessness.”
Weekendavisen (Danish equivalent to New York Times Literary Review)

“The multifacetted artist Martin Hall tells a charming tale of his early, wild years.”
Jyllands-Posten (Denmark’s biggest newspaper)

“Insightful and amusing.”
Fyens Stiftstidende (major regional newspaper)