On the 21st of September 2018 Martin Hall released his first new song in five years, the track “Services Rendered”. The title was made available as a 12” single featuring another new song on the B-side, “Not Amused”. The record is released in a limited vinyl edition, but also made available on all major digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc.).

“Services Rendered” is recorded with pianist Eskild Winding and features a string arrangement written by Andreas Bennetzen. It’s an equally dramatic and emotional song presenting Hall at his most vulnerable best. The single is a solid return to form after years of self-chosen absence as an active singer and songwriter.

1. Services Rendered (4:02)
2. Not Amused (2:35)


All these beauty queens and cavaliers
Shimmering beneath the chandeliers
Considerate seems a fitting phrase
When you’ve lost your way and you’ve lost your grace

At first, at last
Services rendered will always make you feel
All high, all low
As you try to let it go

Just a street away the world begins
For a moment you can hear its beckoning
Used to go to admire the view
But got so tired of watching without you

At first, at last
Services rendered will somehow make you feel
All high, all low
As you try to let it go

All of the world in her eyes
As she passes and walks by
With a gaze full of shame
Still you’d do it all again

At first, at last
Services rendered will always make you feel
All high, all low
You know you have to let it go


Guess I’m not amused
Waiting for a cue
Feeling crowded and sore
Like so many times before

It lingers on
This haunting wrong
Such a squalid sadness
First response, embedded

Lovers’ talk and pillow cries
This hesitation never dies
It’s always been the same
Never seems to fade

The centre won’t hold
Even this feeling runs cold
I suppose

Martin Hall: Vocals
Eskild Winding: Piano
Tinne Albrectsen: Violin
Gustav Ranum: Violin
Nicolaj Møller Nielsen: Viola
Live Johansson: Cello
Andreas Bennetzen: String bass
Linus Carlsen: Harmonium, guitar and piano
Cathérine: Speak

Design: Kenneth Schultz
Photo: Shoshan

Johnny Stage engineered the recordings of “Services Rendered” and the track is mixed by Thomas Li. The B-side ”Not Amused” was produced in a collaboration with Linus Carlsen. Mastering conducted by Thomas Li.

The video for “Services Rendered” was filmed by Danish photographer Robin Skjoldborg and Staal Film.

The record is released with support from DPA/Koda’s cultural funds and the process has been assisted by Danish Composers’ Society.