Martin Hall’s recent concerts and performances have earned him a pre-nomination for The GAFFA Awards 2019 (Denmark’s biggest music magazine) in the category “Best Live Act of The Year”. The shows were his first live concerts as a singer with full band for more than five years.

The musicians accompanying Hall at all events were Christine Raft (piano, violin), Johnny Stage (guitar, sitar), Una Skott (guitar, keyboards), Andreas Bennetzen (bass) and Sisse Selina Larsen (drums). Furthermore Inge Shannon, the singer from the post-punk/coldwave bands SS-Say and Pesteg Dred, joined the team to perform the internationally acclaimed single “Care” at all shows.

Although most of the material played at the concerts was gathered from recent years – such as several songs taken from Hall’s collaboration album with Andrea Pellegrini and Tanja Zapolski If Power Asks Why – a fair selection of older were songs also played.

Apart from “Care” featuring Shannon, Martin also played his 1984 club hit “Free-Force Structure” at the end of most of the concerts. It was the first time for more than 33 years that he performed the song. You can see an audience recording of it here:

In October GAFFA awarded the Copenhagen concert at Bremen Teater with a staggering 6 out of 6 stars rating. You can read the full review here.