During October and November 2010 Martin Hall hosted his highbrow talkshow Salon Midwelt on the Danish tv-channel DK4.

The show appeared once a week and featured two new, separate guests at each occasion. Furthermore all shows presented a new video either made by either Territorium or fashion photographer and design analyst Erik Hansen-Hansen.

Among the guests on the show were the Danish Minister of Cultural Affairs Per Stig Møller, the authors Kirsten Thorup and Thomas Boberg, queer performers Miss Fish and Sandra Day as well as DJ Djuna Barnes and all-time celebrity icon Marquis Marcel de Sade – a herostratically famous Danish pianist and flaneur who by his spectacular and flamboyant lifestyle turned Denmark upside down in the 50’s and start-60’s.

You can also see the trailer for the show here:


The 12th of October: ”First person singular of autonomy” – a programme about punk and queer culture. Guests: Jan Poulsen (author) + Miss Fish (performer, leader of Warehouse 9).

The 19th of October: ”Seduction and puritanism” – a programme about lust, fashion and luxury fetishism. Guests: Erik Hansen-Hansen (fashion researcher, photographer) + Sabina Elvstam-Johns (sexologist, owner of the shop Lust).

The 26th of October: ”The lost hipster” – a programme about the development of hipster culture throughout the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. Guests: Martin Kongstad (writer, flaneur) + DJ Djuna Barnes (dj, writer).

The 2nd of November: ”The fiction of the body” – a programme about roleplaying and the body as an aesthetic object . Guests: Marcel de Sade (pianist, celebrity) + Sandra Day (actor).

The 9th of November: ”The political poetry” – a programme about the borderland between poetry and politics. Guests: Kirsten Thorup (author) + Thomas Boberg (poet).

The 16th of November: ”The lost pathos” – a programme about culture, edification and the soul of our age. Guests: Per Stig Møller (Danish Minister of Cultural Affairs) + Søren E. Jensen (author, priest).

The 23rd of November: ”Behind Salon Midwelt” – a documentary about the making of Martin Hall’s Salon Midwelt.