When Martin Hall played at Bremen Teater in October 2018, it happened after a five-year live break. Accompanying him on stage he had a 6-piece band consisting of both electric and classical musicians, and the material ranged from brand new tracks to several surprises from the back catalogue.

In particular his updated version of “Free-Force Structure” amazed a fair amount of the older fans, since Hall hadn’t played the song live since 1985. Other songs that evening included “Muted Cries”, “Poem”, “Dead Horses on a Beach”, “Another Heart Laid Bare” and “Images in Water”.

Another big surprise was when former SS-Say singer Inge Shannon walked on stage to sing the group’s internationally renowned coldwave classic “Care” with Hall.

The musicians accompanying Hall at the concerts were:

Christine Raft (piano and violin)
Johnny Stage (guitar and sitar)
Una Skott (guitar and keyboards)
Andreas Bennetzen (double bass)
Sisse Selina Larsen (drums and percussion)

The concert received a line of outstanding reviews and in particular Simon Heggum’s GAFFA review (the biggest Danish music magazine) seemed to put into words what kind of experience many of the attending guests had had that night. In his feature he didn’t only award the evening with a 6 out of 6 stars review, but began by writing the following:

“Talking about a country being too small for an artist may sound like a bit of an exaggeration. But in the case of Martin Hall, it is nevertheless true.”

At the end of the line his summation of the night goes like this:

”A breathtaking concert experience – one of the strongest Danish concerts I’ve been to in recent years.”

You can read the whole review here.

All live photos in the right column: Maiken Kildegaard

The following pictures are taken at some of the other concerts during October 2018, prior to the Bremen event. The photographers here are Bjarne Christensen and David Faurskov Jensen.