Inkubation is a new spoken word collaboration between Martin Hall and Thomas Li, a recording that merges poetry and electronic installation music. The title is released on September 10 as a box set featuring a book, a double-LP and a cd in a limited edition of 250 numbered copies. The book is also released as an e- and audiobook.

Inkubation consists of six new pieces of writing and represents a consecutive exploration of character mutation; the story is a combined personality study and love story. The music on the release is produced by Thomas Li whose main focus over the last few years has been his involvement with the new electronic music scene in Tokyo. By the same token Japanese musician Kazutaka Kuroki makes a guest visit on Inkubation.

Martin Hall and Thomas Li have earlier produced the two Hall albums Random Hold (1996) and Adapter (1999) together.

The box set is sold for 399 DKR (approximately 53 euro) and can be ordered here as long as copies are available:

Inkubation is released with support from Augustinus Fonden, Koda Kultur, MPO and Danish Arts Foundation.