Iklipsx #1 is an artzine published in 200 copies in January 1980. The contributors to this edition were Camilla Høiby, Knud Odde, Jesper Reisinger, Peter Peter, Steen Jørgensen and Martin Hall.

Iklipsx was an underground magazine released in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 1978 till 1980. The first release figured as #6, but from 1979 and onwards the magazines were numbered according to year and order (Iklipsx #1 being the first magazine in 1980).

Iklipsx #1 has been called “the media package”. It features 19 pages of drawings, photos and writings in a numbered envelope. Several of the envelopes contained further inserts of various kinds – a couple of cigarette butts, a 7″ single, a pair of plastic sunglasses and even a piece of salami wrapped in tinfoil as a special feature in number 200.

In the aftermath of the final edition of Iklipsx in 1980 the cultural magazine Sidegaden emerged where Jesper Reisinger and Camilla Høiby became music editors in 1981.