As one of the special guests invited on stage in relation to the English musician Othon Mataragas’ first major concert for more than one and half year, Martin Hall will be appearing live at ‪The Garage, London, Thursday the 19th of June (19.30). The names of several other prominent guests will be revealed on Othon’s website and facebook notice in the weeks preceding the concert.

Martin Hall recently worked with Othon on the singer’s critically acclaimed solo album Phasewide, Exit Signs, where they wrote and performed the opening song “Emblematic” together. Guitarist and mandolinist Johnny Stage also appears at the London live show.

For further news and updates on the night, please check Othon’s facebook notice on the event.

Tickets are available via agencies such as TicketWeb.

Pineal Show 2014

In his introduction to the night, Othon writes:

“After more than a year and a half from Othon’s & Tomasini’s sellout concert at St. Leonard’s Shoreditch Church, I am thrilled beyond words to be back on stage together with a fantastic band of musicians, amazing special guests – some most of you know and love and some who I am quite sure you will fall in love with – great visuals and an altogether different setup to any of the shows I have done so far. This is going to be a raw, dreamy, ceremonial and, at times, sweaty event celebrating the arrival of PINEAL. I shall be unveiling more news about the show gradually.”