Prototype/Protocol is a performance play (written and enacted in Danish) combining music, film and graphics – an inter-aesthetic meeting between Martin Hall, the avant-garde ensemble Lydenskab and Staal Film. The stage play will be performed at the following three occasions:

Friday the 14th of November: KØS MUSEUM (Køge)
Sunday the 16th of November: GRAN TEATER (Aarhus)
Friday the 21st of November: KØBENHAVNS MUSIKTEATER (Copenhagen)

Prototype/Protocol is a story based on the broken chain of connection between three generations – a fragmented, highly personal memory protocol made up of letters, recordings and fictitious memories. Via videos, recited pieces of text and an ever-changing musical setting a collage-like story is told – a story about consequences; how the loss of hope in one generation may affect the next.

The cast of the show is as follows:

Martin Hall: Voice
Maiken Kildegaard: Cast
Eskild Winding: Piano (Lydenskab)
Thea Vesti: Guitar (Lydenskab)
Sofia Olsson: Cello (Lydenskab)
Michael Dinesen/Staal Film: Video

You can order tickets for all three performances here:

Prototype Protokol poster 2014