In relation to Record Store Day 2017 (April 22) Martin Hall’s Random Hold album will be released in a new vinyl edition. The record hasn’t been available on vinyl before. This 2017 album has been remastered by its original producer Thomas Li. The vinyl version includes download codes and the remastered version of the album will also be available via digital platforms such as Spotify and iTunes as well.

At its original release in 1996 Random Hold was proclaimed to be Hall’s most important record so far by the Scandinavian press. In Denmark it received quotes such as the following:
Politiken (Danish equivalent to The Guardian): “The grandiose and beautiful, dusty album Random Hold is the hermetic Hall’s most flawless pop work ever.” (*****)
Berlingske (Danish equivalent to The Times): “Martin Hall has rarely appeared more precise, serene and focused than on his latest release.”
Information (the Danish equivalent to The Independent): ”A damned good release from Martin Hall.”
Nat & Dag (major monthly magazine): “Martin Hall’s best record so far. A little miracle.” (*****)
Zoo Magazine (major monthly magazine): “Martin Hall’s peak as an artist.”
Undertoner (Danish site for independent music): ”An uncompromising and naked expression … intimate and attentive deliveries.” (*****)



Throughout the years the album has attracted more and more international listeners and still gains growing attention from music connoisseurs all over the world. Already at the time of its European release in 1997 the record received waves of appraisal, but whereas it back then primarily was the gothic and electronic scene that adopted Random Hold, the album has since enjoyed a much more varied audience in countries such as Germany, Italy and Poland.

Orkus (major German music magazine): “Beautiful music … art at its purest.”
Gothic (major German music magazine): “The perfect music!”
Zillo (major German music magazine): “Denmark’s multimedia artist faces his German breakthrough.”

Recently (March 2017) the Polish indie-band Hidden by Ivy has recorded a cover version of the song ”Another Heart Laid Bare”, one of the original singles from Random Hold.

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You can order the release here:

ORDER ”RANDOM HOLD” VINYL LP (incl. download codes)

On Thursday the 20th of April Copenhagen Main Library presents a night about the album. You can find further information concerning the here: