On September 21 Martin Hall releases his first new song in 5 years, the track Services Rendered. The title will be available as a 12” single that features another new song on the B-side, “Not Amused”. The record is released in a limited vinyl edition, but will also be made available on all major digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc.).


“Services Rendered” is recorded with pianist Eskild Winding and features a string arrangement written by Andreas Bennetzen. It’s an equally dramatic and emotional song presenting Hall at his most vulnerable best. The single is a solid return to form after years of self-chosen absence as an active singer and songwriter.

Long-time collaborator Johnny Stage has assisted the recordings of “Services Rendered” and the track is mixed by Thomas Li with whom Hall recorded one of his major works during the 90’s, Random Hold. The new song also features Tinne Albrectsen (violin), Gustav Ranum (violin), Nicolaj Møller Nielsen (viola), Live Johansson (cello) and Andreas Bennetzen (string bass). The B-side ”Not Amused” has been produced in a collaboration with Linus Carlsen.

The video for “Services Rendered” has been filmed by Danish photographer Robin Skjoldborg and Staal Film and premieres on the day of the release. The 12” vinyl single is released by Panoptikon and distributed by Target and contains additional digital download codes for both tracks.

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13,25 EURO

In October 2018 Martin Hall will be performing his first concerts as a singer for more than five years too. He will be playing with an ensemble of five musicians and the set is said to feature both older and new tracks. A special guest appearance will take place at selected events.

  • Saturday the 6th of October 2018: Fuglsøcentret (Jutland)
  • Saturday the 20th of October 2018: Bremen Teater (Copenhagen)
  • Saturday the 27th of October 2018: Kulturmaskinen (Odense)
  • Saturday the 24th of November 2018: Hvalsø Kirke (Zealand)

The musicians accompanying Hall at the concerts are Christine Raft (piano, violin), Johnny Stage (guitar, sitar), Una Skott (guitar, keyboards), Andreas Bennetzen (double bass) and Sisse Selina Larsen (drums, percussion).